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Load up on productivity

Fuel efficiency on your farm or ranch with these hardworking accessories for your RANGER. From hauling feed to managing your herd, fixing fences to picking rock—we’ve got everything you need to get more done in a day throughout every season.

Pro-Selected UTV Accessories for Farmers and Ranchers

Check out these essential accessories, hand pick by experts in the field. They’ll help you equip your RANGER to work smarter and not harder.





Selected by the cowboy himself. Hear Trevor's story and see how the accessories he chose for his RANGER help him do what he loves every day.





As the host and producer of DIY Network’s Barnwood Builders and a craftsman himself, Mark selected accessories ideal for anyone with acreage.


Spring Planting

Start the season off strong with accessories to help you get your property ready for the hectic days ahead.

Rear view of a Utility sprayer mounted on the cargo bed of a Ranger

Boom Sprayer

Use it to knock down weeds around your homestead or spread fertilizer.

winch on the front of a Ranger 1000 vehicle pulling a tree branch


Add extra muscle to pull stumps, load fence posts or pick rock from your fields.

Rhino rack mounted on a loaded cargo bed of a Ranger


Organize and expand your hauling space to get more work done in fewer trips.

Summer Growing

Load up on the tools you need to tend to your row crops or livestock more effectively and efficiently.

Closeup of the tires of a Ranger vehicle

Tires & Wheels

Choose harvester tires to tread lightly around plantings or opt for tough multi-use tires to handle mud, rocks and more.

bumper and winch on the front of a Ranger XP 1000 northstar vehicle

Bumpers & Guards

Add extra protection to your RANGER for herding cattle, hauling heavy loads or navigating wooded trails between fields.

closeup of a rider driving a  Ranger vehicle


Mix work with your favorite playlist by adding audio upgrades to your ride—from sound systems to extra speakers.

Fall Harvest

Use your RANGER to move hay, haul feed, harvest firewood and get your property ready for everything winter will throw at you.

Closeup of a hitch installed on a Ranger


Equip your ride to tow loaded trailers, bale movers, landscape rakes and other farm implements.

A man mounting his chainsaw in the back of a Ranger 1000 Premium in Polaris Blue

Chainsaw Mount

Transport your saw safely around your land to cut down and load up on wood for the colder months ahead.

front view of a parked Ranger with its lights on


Shorter days don’t mean an end to the work that needs to get done—bring in the harvest with extra illumination.

Winter Maintenance

The growing season may be over but there’s always fences to fix, feed to move, mail to pick up and access roads to clear.

Side view of a Ranger on the snow, with a plow attachment on the front bumper


Move some serious snow in the winter with a plow system. Try our plow builder.

Ranger riding in the snow

Cab Components

Keep the cold and elements out with the tightest-sealing cab system in the industry.

a person turning on the heater on a Ranger vehicle


Stay warm and comfortable on your way out there with an in-cab heater and defrost kit.

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