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Polaris XPEDITION Drive Belts

Polaris XPEDITION Drive Belts

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Why should I choose a Xpedition side by side drive belt? 

Polaris drive belts are engineered specifically for Polaris off-road vehicles, offering superior quality and reliability with genuine OEM products. They are designed to handle a variety of terrains and conditions, ensuring consistent performance and longevity. Our belts are designed, engineered and tested by Polaris Engineers and field test crews to ensure they deliver a perfect fit, high performance and excellent durability.

Why are high-quality belts important for Xpedition side by sides?

High-quality belts are crucial for optimal performance and reliability. They withstand extreme conditions, such as mud, water, and rough terrain. A durable belt ensures smooth power delivery, preventing sudden failures during off-road adventures.

How often should I replace my Xpedition side by side drive belt? 

The frequency of drive belt replacement can vary based on usage and riding conditions. It’s recommended to check your belt periodically for wear and tear and replace it as needed to maintain peak vehicle performance. An old or damaged belt may damage other components in the clutch box, and a worn belt will cause jerky drive-away, false misfire and accelerated wear of clutch bushings.

Can I upgrade my Xpedition side by side drive belt for better performance?

Yes! Upgrading to a reinforced or heavy-duty belt can enhance durability and performance. Consult your vehicle’s manual for suitable options and detailed instructions or go to a trusted mechanic for best results.

Where can I purchase Xpedition side by side drive belts?

You can explore and purchase Xpedition drive belts and other Xpedition side by side parts directly from our official website. When you use the shop by vehicle function at the top, the search is automatically tailored for products guaranteed to fit your vehicle. Additionally, authorized Polaris dealers near you carry a selection of accessories and apparel.