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Heavy Duty Parts for Off-Road Vehicles

Polaris Heavy Duty (HD) parts are engineered for riders who want greater durability and enhanced performance from their Off-Road Vehicles. HD Parts are designed for tough terrain, heavy payloads and high mileage. They are perfect for riders who use their vehicle for work or extreme riding. Heavy Duty Parts can extend the life of your vehicle or upgrade an aging or base-level vehicle. These parts are especially useful for riders who take their vehicle through mud, sand and water, as they are engineered to resist moisture and debris from entering and rusting the suspension system. 

The Heavy Duty Parts lineup includes wheels, tires, bearings, bushings and bushing kits. View the full lineup of HD Parts for Off-Road Vehicles. Be sure to verify that HD Parts fit your vehicle before purchasing.  

Tires and Wheel Parts
Polaris's Heavy Duty Pro Armor Tires and Heavy Duty Wheels are the ideal combo for riders who need a heavy duty tire and wheel that meet the requirements of their work or riding style. 

The HD Wheel, seen below, features a dual beadlock that secures the inner and outer bead of the tire to the wheel for worry-free riding in extreme conditions. These wheels have the highest weight rating in their class. This military-grade wheel is designed to clamp down on tires, ensuring they will stay attached to the wheel, even if they are punctured.

Heavy duty beadlock wheel

The Pro-Armor HD-K tire, pictured below, features a triple-belted sidewall that provides extreme sidewall protection. The quad belt tread core offers superior protection and longer tread life. The Kevlar constriction belting provides superior puncture protection. 

Pro Armor HD-K Tire

This tire enables easy tire rotation, as this tire can be used on the front and rear of vehicles. 

The HD Wheel Cap showcases the Polaris ellipse and is the final touch to this wheel and tire combo. 

Heavy Duty Wheel Cap

Heavy Duty Wheels were engineered with a triple-belted sidewall to resist punctures and feature a deep tread. They are ideal for rock crawling and any rider who relies on their vehicle for their day-to-day work. HD Wheel setups are easy to change while out with your vehicle and do not require a tire machine. Polaris HD wheels work with stock wheel lugnuts and fit on standard Polaris rims. 

The Pro Armor XD-K tires, seen below, have three sidewall belts and an 8-ply rating for increased puncture resistance. The treads are extra deep for increased grip on rocky or rough terrain. 

XD-K Wheels

Excessive play in the wheel is a sign that you need new wheel bearings. Experienced mechanics can install bearings at home, but Polaris recommends seeing your authorized Polaris Dealer for assistance. 

To check your bearings for wear, follow these steps. 

  • With your wheels safely off the ground, grab your tire on the top and bottom. 
  • Shake the tire and look for play in the hub around the axle. 
  • If you notice any symptoms of wear, it's time to replace the bearings. If you find yourself replacing your bearings often, Heavy Duty bearings are for you. 

Heavy Duty bearings are part numbers 3515088 and part number 3515087. The Heavy Duty ball bearing is part number 3515090.

Heavy Duty wheel bearings and bushings can reduce maintenance on your Off-Road Vehicle and extend its lifespan. Heavy Duty bearings and bushings have a high-grade seal, keeping water and debris from infiltrating the suspension. See your authorized Polaris Dealer to install HD bearings.

Polaris offers HD bushings that can be purchased individually or in a kit. The bushing kit includes bushings and shafts for the easiest suspension update possible. 

To check your bearings for wear, follow these steps. 

  • Check for excess play.
  • Shake the tire from side to side and watch the A-arm pivot blocks for excessive movement. 
  • Check the frame tab, and ensure that it is not reamed out. 

If you notice symptoms of wear, replace your bushings. If you find yourself needing to replace your bushings often, Heavy Duty bushings or the Heavy Duty Bushing Kit is for you. Note: When replacing bushings, it is recommended you replace all four with HD bushings for optimal ride experience. See your authorized Polaris Dealer for help installing HD bushings.

The Heavy Duty Suspension Bushing Kit (part number 2830560) is a complete upgrade to the front and rear suspension. This kit fits full-size vehicles and is a good option to keep on hand for once a bearing goes out. 

The kit includes: 

  • (2) 250.28mm Pivot Shafts
  • (12) 70.99mm Pivot Shafts
  • (2) 89.71mm Pivot Shafts
  • (2) 139.1mm Pivot Shafts
  • (36) HD Bushings 

Suspension Bushing Kit

    The Mid-Size Heavy Duty Suspension Bushing Kit (part number 2830561) fits mid-size Off-Road Vehicles. 

    The kit includes: 

    • (12) 70.99mm Pivot Shafts
    • (2) 89.71mm Pivot Shaft
    • (2) 139.1mm Pivot Shafts
    • (20) HD Bushings

    Mid-size HD bushings kit

    You can also purchase Heavy Duty sealed bushings separately. They are part number 1543367 and part number 1543326.

    Brake Pads
    Heavy Duty brake pads come in a set of two. The HD brake pads have an increased pad density and a higher friction capacity that allows for shorter stopping distances. The pads also have a noise insulator, which enables quiet braking and prevents squealing.

    HD brake pads

    There are several versions of the brake pads available. Be sure to purchase the set that fits your vehicle. 

    The HD brake pads are part number 2208933, part number 2208934 and part number 2208936

    Drive Belts
    Heavy Duty drive belts are engineered to stay cool in extreme heat and maximize the transfer of horsepower to the ground, especially when hauling heavy loads. 

    HD drive belt

    There are several versions of the drive belt available. Be sure to purchase the correct belt for your vehicle. 

    Heavy Duty belt are part number 3212331, part number 3212328 and part number 3212326

    Oil Filters
    Heavy Duty oil filters offer the highest debris-holding capacity, maintain oil flow and maximize performance of your Off-Road Vehicle. 

    HD oil filter

    There are two different HD oil filters. Be sure to purchase the correct filter for your vehicle. The Heavy Duty oil filters are part number 2522485 and part number 2522498.

    Clutch Cover
    A Heavy Duty clutch cover is available for RZR vehicles. The clutch cover is part number 2207950

    Clutch cover

    To learn more about HD Parts, listen to the A Heavy Duty Discussion on HD Parts episode of the Polaris Podcast.
    If you have additional questions about HD Parts and their fitment, visit your Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.

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