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2023 GENERAL 1000

Elevate Your Adventure


2023 GENERAL 1000

Elevate Your Adventure

Enjoy Exploring More

Get away from the crowds and enjoy the trail on your terms with the GENERAL 1000.

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Make Anything An Adventure

Do you take pride in being ready for anything? Want a machine prepared for everything? Get a GENERAL. From hauling to towing, winching to trail riding, meet the versatile side-by-side ready to do-it-all with you.

Haul It All

Be prepared with all the essentials for a long day of adventuring. A 600 lb. dumping cargo box gives you the versatility to pack any gear you need for your next adventure.

Pull With Power

Whether you need to haul firewood or carry gear, drag logs or pull trailers, you can do it all with a 1,500 lb. towing capacity.

Protect Your Lawn

Activate VersaTrac turf mode to help protect your lawn from tire marks, as well as increase maneuverability.

Make It Yours

With a full range of Polaris Engineered accessories, you can take your comfort and protection even further.


To be a leading adventure side-by-side, true capability is about the perfect blend of performance, suspension and handling.

Stable Agility

60" width

Plush Suspension

12.25" / 13.2" Suspension Travel

Quick Acceleration

Ultra-responsive 100 HP engine


There’s nothing more fun than getting away from the crowds to enjoy the outdoors. Unlock more capability, versatility and comfort with GENERAL 1000.

Trail Comfort

A day of rolling over bumps, ruts, rocks and logs can really take a toll. But thanks to a plush and comfortable suspension, smooth and responsive power, and stabilizer bars that deliver superior handling, you can put harsh in the rearview mirror.