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GENERAL Side-By-Sides 
Model Lineup

2023  |  2024

New Season, New Rides

When you’re on track for an epic adventure, the right gear matters. With GENERAL, you can confidently explore the most remote backcountry terrain and tackle the toughest tasks. It’s the adventure side-by-side that offers more performance, comfort and versatility to reach your new favorite spot.


Starting at $21,599 CA

Unlock more adventure with the industry's premier crossover side-by-side. With 60" stance, 100 HP, True On-Demand AWD, 600 lb. dumping cargo box, and a 1,500 lb. towing capacity you can take on the toughest task. Available in 2-seat models.


Starting at $29,599 CA

The most capable crossover side-by-side. With a 64" stance and an upgrade to high clearance A-arms, 30" tires, a front bumper, and a 4,500 lb. HD Plus winch, it will elevate your experience and take you to new adventures. Available in 2-seat and 4-seat models.

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Whether it’s over defiant trails, through unrelenting whoops or acres of wide-open range, there’s a Polaris Off Road vehicle waiting to show you every inch of the world. Just tell us where you need to go, and we’ll take you there.