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Pro XD Mid-Size FAQs

What is the Pro XD Mid-Size and how does it compare to the Pro XD Full Size? 
The Polaris Pro XD Mid-Size is a compact Pro XD vehicle designed to withstand the tough duty cycles and usage on the worksite. Focused on key industry needs, the Pro XD Mid-Size is a work UTV specifically designed for safety, durability and serviceability. 

The Mid-Size Pro XD is built for safety, durability and serviceability—the same founding pillars of Pro XD Full-Size. Pro XD Mid-Size is purpose-built to be more compact and competitively priced for lighter duty mid-size applications. This means compact dimensions, lower towing capacity and lower payload capacity vs. Pro XD Full-Size. You can review side-by-side comparisons with the Find and Compare tool.

What industries does the Pro XD Mid-Size serve?
Pro XD Mid-Size is ideal for industries that require a smaller footprint for easy maneuverability in light to medium work applications. This includes rental & construction, parks & recreation, colleges & municipalities, nurseries, landscaping, campgrounds, government & municipalities, airports and events & entertainment.

Pro XD Mid-Size use cases

How does the Pro XD Mid-Size compare to the competition?
The Pro XD Mid-Size is a leader in safety, durability and serviceability when compared against mid-size competitors, and competes more closely on specs such as towing, payload and box capacity. Pro XD Mid-Size brings that value and more thanks to Polaris’ scale and engineering capabilities and is priced very competitively with key competitors such as Club Car® Carryall, John Deere® Gator®, Kawasaki® Mule™ and Kubota® RTV.  See all competitive comparisons.

What applications does the Pro XD Mid-Size serve?
The Pro XD Mid-Size is optimal for hauling light tools and equipment, moving aggregate, grounds maintenance, landscaping, moving people or a work crew, snow removal and campus security.

What value does Pro XD Mid-Size provide to customers?
Safety is number one for our customers, followed by durability, serviceability, easy fleet management and low vehicle maintenance, a low total cost of ownership, high return on investment, maximum uptime and easy maneuverability around jobsites.

How does Pro XD Mid-Size compare to the RANGER 570? 
Ranger is designed for consumer applications and designed with additional comfort features. Pro XD is designed with added durability components to better meet the demands of commercial applications.

Will there be a Mid-Size electric model available in the future?
We are looking at the market demand for a commercial electric UTV and will incorporate into our portfolio offering if we identify an opportunity.

Are vehicle names changing for the original Pro XD models?
Yes, the Pro XD naming structure has been altered to clarify size and configuration for dealers and customers. 

See the chart below for new naming conventions. 

Former NameNew Name - Beginning Oct. 2021
Pro XD Full-Size Models
Pro XD 2000DPro XD Full Size Diesel
Pro XD 4000DPro XD Full-Size Diesel Crew
Pro XD 2000GPro XD Full-Size Gas
Pro XD 4000GPro XD Full-Size Gas Crew
Pro XD Mid-Size Models (New)
N/APro XD Mid-Size Gas
N/APro XD Mid-Size Gas Crew

Features and Specs

What is the Pro XD Mid-Size power source?
The Pro XD Mid-Size is offered with the Polaris Pro Star 39.5 hp gas motor. Diesel is not available for the new mid-size model.

Is the Polaris Pro Star engine CE Certified?
CE certification is done at the vehicle level and applies to off-road vehicles sold in Europe. For these reasons, the Pro XD Mid-Size is not CE certified. 

What are the speed options?
The Pro XD Mid-Size will be shipped from the factory at 26 mph, and can be digitally adjusted in 5 mph increments to as low as 15 mph, or as high as 40 mph to meet customer needs. Adjusting the top speed setting is password-protected to provide an added a layer of approval for extra safety. All riders should always wear head protection, such as hard hats or a helmet, that is appropriate. DOT-approved helmets are required for all riders when operating over 30 mph.

What are the payload and towing capacities of Pro XD Mid-Size?
The Pro XD Mid-Size payload capacity is 946 lbs. with a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs. The Pro XD Mid-Size Crew payload capacity is 1,141 lbs. with a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs.

Will there be a Mid-Size 2-wheel drive option in the future?
We are looking at the market demand for a two-wheel drive option and will incorporate into our portfolio offering if we identify an opportunity. 

Accessories and Upfits

What accessories are available for Pro XD Mid-Size?
The Pro XD Mid-Size has over 50 Polaris accessories to choose from and two work package options, allowing customers to customize their vehicle to further improve productivity, safety, durability and comfort. Poly windshields and roofs provide extra protection from jobsite hazards and weather, strobe lights and wide-angle rear-view mirrors provide added visibility and air filter restriction gauges provide easier serviceability. For more extreme work conditions, a fully enclosed cab and heat system will provide added comfort and protection from harsh weather and harmful air particles. 

Will all accessories be compatible with both Full-Size and Mid-Size?
Not all accessories are compatible with all models. Work with your dealer to determine full accessory offerings by each model. Contact your Commercial dealer for more information or to order accessories.

What new accessories will be available for Mid-Size Pro XD?
Two side mirror options (with poly crank doors and without doors) will be offered. These options will also be available to order for full-size models and are available now. Contact your Commercial dealer for more information. 

Will snow tracks be available?
Snow tracks are not available as a factory option for any Pro XD models.

Will there be tire options to handle surface conditions of construction sites?
The standard 8-ply tire is the only tire available, which was designed to better withstand the terrain of jobsites when compared to a standard off-road tire.

Is powered steering going to be an offering?
Power steering is an available option and can be added to orders to be factory-installed. A power steering kit is also available and can be installed at your dealership. Contact your Commercial dealer for more information. 

Will there be additional bed size options to compete with certain competitors?
The factory bed is the only option for the Pro XD Mid-Size. If customers are requesting a larger bed, the Pro XD Full-Size has a bed large enough to accommodate a full-size pallet.

Can the Mid-Size models be upfit to support 3/6 passenger operation?
The Pro XD Mid-Size chassis only allows for 2-4 passenger operation. Pro XD Full-Size allows for 3-6 passenger operation and seat belts are available to order.

Does Pro XD Mid-Size have HVAC?
The Pro XD Mid-Size can be upfitted with a heater, ventilation and defrost as an accessory upgrade. AC is not available.


What is OPEI compliance, and how does it benefit customers?
The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) develops standards for the safe operation of outdoor power equipment like lawnmowers, UTVs and golf carts. By certifying our vehicles to OPEI vs other regulatory organizations, operators of Pro XD are not required to wear DOT approved helmets.

Is Pro XD Mid-Size available in California?
Delayed CARB testing for California compliance has slowed our ability to offer these models at the time of launch. Once testing is complete and Pro XD Mid-Size is CARB certified, California dealers will be notified and ordering will be turned on. Pro XD Full-Size gas models are CARB certified and available to meet the needs of customers who require gasoline.

Warranty and Financing

What is the factory warranty period for Pro XD Mid-Size?
The Pro XD Mid-Size will have a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of registration, same as Pro XD Full-Size.

What sales programs will be available?
Financing, GSA and Sourcewell.

For additional questions, please contact your Polaris Commercial sales representative.

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