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Pro XD VIN Location and VIN Search

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique number used to identify to your commercial vehicle. The VIN can be used to find model year, model number, engine serial number, factory warranty and Extended Service Contract details, guides and manuals, product recalls, and safety bulletins. 

The VIN is stamped on a portion of the left rear frame (1), above the PVT cover.

VIN location

If you are unable to locate or read your VIN but have an engine serial number, use the Contact Us options at the bottom of the page for assistance with vehicle identification. Include your contact information, question, engine serial number and any information about the vehicle that may assist in identification. Note that if you have replaced the engine, this information does not apply. 

VIN Search Tool
Visit the Polaris Vehicles VIN Search page.

Enter your VIN in the search bar and click FIND VEHICLE. The VIN Search will return results, shown in the example below. 

VIN search results

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