Watch our Terrain Dominators in action and explore the 2013 Polaris Snowmobiles line up.

  • Chris Burandt, Terrain Dominator

    Chris Burandt, Terrain Dominator

    "I needed to depend on my equipment and be 100% confident and when I ride the sled that’s how I feel…I feel like I can do anything and go anywhere and that’s just a feeling that’s indescribable."

  • Chris Wolf, Director of Snowmobiles

    Chris Wolf, Director of Snowmobiles

    "I’m going to reel these guys in…This sled was so confidence inspiring, so stable. I knew it wasn’t going to do anything surprising and in a very short amount of time I was right on the snow flap of the last Renegade in the group."

  • John Prusak, Editor Snow Goer Magazine

    John Prusak, Editor Snow Goer Magazine

    "…it was just perfect conditions and I had a Rush 600 and we ran the trail up to the Lake of the Clouds and it was just a dream ride…"

  • Keith Curtis, Terrain Dominator

    Keith Curtis, Terrain Dominator

    "The lightweight, the rigidness of the chassis everything about the sled worked in my favor and I was able to focus on the mountain and do my best."

  • Luke Lester, Host Snowtrax television

    Luke Lester, Host Snowtrax television

    "Being in nature for that long and being away from people for so long my Polaris pulled me through 1000 miles in 3 days of some pretty adverse conditions. I’m never going to forget that ride."

  • Levi LaVallee, Terrain Dominator

    Levi LaVallee, Terrain Dominator

    Levi’s World Record 412 Foot Jump

  • Ross Martin, Terrain Dominator

    Ross Martin, Terrain Dominator

    Ross' Moment of domination

  • Paul Thacker, Terrain Dominator

    Paul Thacker, Terrain Dominator

    "…Lining up for the first run it was definitely exciting and a little scary but mostly just stoked to prove everybody wrong. And we did exactly that. We did a no handed backflip…"

  • Marty Sampson, Engineering Supervisor

    Marty Sampson, Engineering Supervisor

    "We were riding terrain that was almost, some of the tops of the mountains were nearly 20000 feet, we got to make some pulls that were over a mile long and over 3000 feet vertical. They were the biggest, longest climbs I’ve ever made. "

  • Steve Janes, Snowest Publisher

    Steve Janes, Snowest Publisher

    "… the skidoo guy has never been going this fast in his life and he was scared to death and when we finally got there he slapped me on the helmet and he says why were you driving so fast? And I said well I figured you wanted to see what they were doing to your sled!..."

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