Whether you’re working or playing, it’s all riding. Breaking trail, hauling wood, delivering supplies, going to lunch, joy riding. Your machine needs to be able to go anywhere, do anything, and have fun doing it. You can count on Voyageur® Recreational Utility snowmobiles to get you there. On the trail or on top of the deep stuff, you can haul more, tow more, and just plain ride more.

Looking for a snowmobile that provides a different ride experience such as mountain or trail sleds, head to find a snowmobile.

Polaris Voyageur® Recreational utility Lineup


Voyageur® is for riders that primarily ride off-trail and use their sleds for both utility and fun.

600 VOYAGEUR® 144

The NEW 600 Voyageur® 144 on the AXYS® Platform offers agile, all-purpose sport utility.

Rider-Balanced™ AXYS® Chassis & IGX Rear Suspension

  • RMK®-inspired off-trail agility & balance
  • Dramatically improved on-trail ride & confidence
  • Reduced bottoming & drag off-trail

PowderTrac™ Hybrid Running Boards

  • Running boards designed specifically for riders that go both on-trail & off
  • Designed for maximum snow clean-out and strength with 56% open space
  • Front is wider & flatter for comfort when sitting & better positioning when standing
  • Rear features tapered, dual-angle design for mobility & snow clearance

550 Voyageur® 155

out-works the competition

Polaris Voyageur® models are snowmobiling’s most versatile recreational-utility machines. They excel on- and off-trail and offer integrated big-job cargo capacity.

Ultimate Deep Snow Flotation

  • Maximum flotation with solid stability plus easy steering
  • Excellent slow speed maneuverability
  • Class-leading PRO-Float skis = 45% more flotation with 9.5" wide skis


  • Lightweight PRO-RIDE™ chassis
  • 39" ski stance feels more stable than the Ski-Doo Tundra
  • Excels at lower AND higher speed trail handling


  • 65 lbs. total hauling and towing capacity vs. Ski-Doo Tundra's 55 lbs.
  • Articulated rail plus torsion spring set-up
  • Less weight, more front and rear travel and more fuel capacity with 11.5 Gallons (43.5 Liters)
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