Turn the world into your playground

Polaris® Switchback®

Turn the world into your playground
The Rider Balanced™ Switchback® with AXYS® chassis. Experience the go-anywhere versatiity of Switchback on the trail or off the map with a sled born to give you the best of both worlds. Add extra storage for the long journey with a removable passenger seat to share the adventure. With the exhilaration of on-trail acceleration and the freedom of off-trail exploration, the Switchback turns the world into your playground like never before. Together, we are BORN FOR MORE.
The 2019 Switchback® Lineup



Switchback® PRO-S is for riders who want the smoothest ride and handling, and a sled that virtually eliminates stutter bumps


Race-ready Performance

Switchback® XCR is for riders looking for a race-ready sled offering extreme performance in the toughest terrain.



Switchback Assault® is for aggressive, backcountry riders that demand off-trail agility and on-trail confidence.



Switchback® Adventure is for on and off trail riders that demand the ultimate in versatility. With a passenger or without. With storage or without. It's your choice.



Switchback® SP is for true 50/50 crossover riders that need a versatile sled able to stand up to all types of terrain.

Switchback® Technology

Switchback® Technology

Rider Balanced™ AXYS® Chassis

The AXYS® chassis features Rider-Balanced™ positioning and delivers unparalled control in any terrain, made possible by:

  • Putting the rider on the sled's AXYS®
  • Bump-eliminating PRO-XC™ and IGX 144 Rear Suspension
  • Adding more power and removing weight

PRO-XC™ Suspension

The PRO-XC™ progressive-rate rear suspension allows the sled's pitch to be controlled by the suspension geometry, not the spring rate. This results in a flatter ride in the corners and stutter bumps and superior big-bump performance.

  • Lightweight, forged aluminum rear crank
  • Front torque arm moved rearward to control pitch, increase travel, and improve rail profile

All-New 850 Patriot™ Engine

  • The most powerful Polaris® snowmobile engine ever.
  • Building on 25 years of legendary Liberty® engine heritage.
  • Creates all-new benchmark for durability, acceleration, and response
  • Industry-leading power-to-weight ratio and unmatched throttle response.
  • Exclusively available on select 2019 SnowCheck models

Rider Reactions

5 owners of competitive brands. 3 days of riding. Here's what they said about the Switchback® Assault®.
Pierre Luc Doiron
Arctic Cat Owner

"I became so confident riding this sled that I was trying new lines I've never considered before." - Pierre

The Ultimate Backcountry Crossover

"The faster I went, the smoother it was so I found myself grabbing more and more throttle every time. It was just inspiring."

-Leo, Ski-Doo Owner


"Polaris is really on the right track with where they're headed."

-Dave, Arctic Cat Owner


"You can do everything well on this sled. It's a jack-of-all-trades."

-Daniel, Yamaha Owner


Flatter through the turns. Lighter through the bumps.

Polaris Image is the only sled that corners flat and carries the front end.

Polaris = Rider Balanced™

Polaris® puts the rider right on the sled's AXYS®. Bite for flat cornering. Lite for superior handling and fun in the bumps and off-trail.

Ski- Doo® = Biased

Ski-Doo® is biased in a rider forward positioning. This offers great control on smooth trails, but less fun factor in bumps and off-trail riding.
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