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  • Comfortable, durable, protective, stylish and versatile. The Tenacity Helmet is all that and more, providing riders with premium MX-style protection and great value with its year-round versatility. It can be worn snowmobiling as well as off-road riding, so it is the helmet for all seasons. It features a comfortable fit, great visibility, effective ventilation and great styling.
    • Color: Retro Gloss
    • Sizes: S-2XL
    • Shell: Lightweight polycarbonate
    • Vents: Mouth air intake vent, eyebrow vents and six rear vents
    • Interior: Removable, washable liner
    • Additional Features: Adjustable visor, goggle guide, padded chin straps, large eye port, nose guard, double D-ring For strap security; optional Breath Deflector available (sold separately, PN 2861233)
    • Safety: DOT/ECE-approved
    • Replacement Parts: Red Replacement Visor (PN 2860205); Black Replacement Visor (PN 2860204); Magenta Replacement Visor (PN 2861238); Breath Deflector (PN 2861233)
    We do not accept returns on helmets.
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  • This helmet from the FLY Racing for Polaris Collection exceeds off-road riders’ demands for protection, light weight, comfort & style. The premium composite shell delivers incredible protection and its light weight keeps a rider fresher longer.
    • Color: Black and Voodoo Blue
    • Sizes: XS-2XL
    • Shell: Composite construction shell of cutting-edge, aircraft-grade woven carbon fiber and Kevlar®; the dual layers of the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner combine for progressive impact absorption for different levels of impact
    • Vents: Multi-port air induction cooling system with 11intake and four exhaust vents promotes effective airflow; tri-vent goggle anti-fog vents above the goggle eye port help prevent fogging
    • Interior: Washable comfort liner and cheek pads with the “Quick Snap” system can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning; plush liner absorbs sweat and complements the helmet’s ventilation system
    • Additional Features: Lightweight aluminum hardware for superior strength and light weight
    • Safety: Snell M2010- and DOT-approved
    We do not accept returns on helmets.
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  • This replacement visor will fit the Tenacity White Gloss Helmet. We do not accept returns on helmets.
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  • This Electric Shield will fit your Cyclone helmet. It is the prefect cold weather add-on For the Ultimate Modular Helmet. Its electric-heated shield prevents fogging and gives you’re a warmer comfortable ride. It replaces your existing shield, and the power supply connects to your sled. The optional Electric Shield Battery Power Pack (# 2855425 - sold separately) can be use a portable power supply.
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  • Designed For use with 509™ Sinister and Aviator goggles, this Anti-Fog Fan installs directly into the goggles and provides airflow as needed to exhaust warm, moist air and prevent fogging.
    • SIZE: OSFA
    • SETTINGS: Off, On, and Auto, which detects fog and automatically turns the fan until the moist air is evacuated
    • POWER: single AAA battery (included)
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  • Red Gloss Replacement Visor for Tenacity Helmet
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  • This replacement visor will fit the Tenacity (MY10-12) - Red Matte (2860146), Black Matte (#2860144) Tenacity (MY12) - Magenta Matte (#2861172), White Gloss (#2862061). Orange Gloss (#2862062), Assault Star Matte (#2862063) We do not accept returns on helmets.
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  • This breath deflector fits all Tenacity helmets.
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  • The innovative frame of the Polaris® 509™ Aviator goggle is rimless. This allows the use of a much larger spherical lens minimizes the amount of goggle frame in a rider’s field of vision and provides a rider with industry-leading peripheral vision. The rimless design also prevents snow build up on the lens, by allowing snow to easily shed from the lens surface. This enhanced visibility is complemented by a comfortable fit and For-free Performance.
    • COLOR: Signature (Smoke Tint, Bronze Mirror Finish Lens)
    • SIZE: OSFA FRAME: Minimized-depth frame has triple-layered foam For a comfortable fit on a rider’s face. The rimless design allows the lens surface to easily shed snow, thus preventing snow build-up to keep vision Clear on even the snowiest days.
    • LENS: Dual-pane, cold weather-specific smoke tint lens has a bronze mirror finish and is made of shatterproof material; lens has seven foam-lined vents, is 100% UV blocking, and has anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.
    • STRAP: Triple silicon-lined strap keeps the strap and goggle securely in place.
    • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Removable nose mask, Polaris® branding on the strap.
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  • This replacement visor will fit the Keith Curtis Special Edition Helmet
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  • This dual-pane lens was designed specifically For cold weather and high moisture use. It features complete UV protection, anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, and shatterproof strength. The bronze mirror finish looks great and reduces glare on bright sunny days.
    • COLOR: Yellow Tint
    • SIZE: OSFA
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