Burandt™ FOX® RMK® Shocks, FLOAT 3 EVOL R Ski Shocks and FLOAT 3 EVOL R Rear Ski Shocks

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Burandt™ FOX® RMK® Shocks, FLOAT 3 EVOL R Rear Ski Shocks

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Elevate your PRO-RMK ride experience with the unmatched performance and adjustability of the new FOX® Chris Burandt Signature Series FLOAT 3 and FLOAT 3 EVOL R rear suspension shocks. These premium shocks were developed by FOX in conjunction with Polaris backcountry master Christ Burandt. The rear suspension shock package includes a Float 3 center track shock and Float 3 Evol R rear track shock, custom-tuned specifically for the PRO-RMK. They soak up moguls and chatter bumps on your way to and from those choice riding areas, then deliver uncompromising performance in roll-in turning, deep snow capabilities, and sled transfer onto the top of the snow. FOX FLOAT technology provides easy spring rate adjustability, and a rider can fine-tune the ride with the innovative EVOL air chamber. In the FLOAT 3 EVOL R name, “R” stands for “Rebound” damping, and a rider can make tool-free rebound adjustments.

WEIGHT: 3.2 lb. @ 16.6”; shed up to 6 pounds off sled weight (when replacing coil spring shocks)
PERFORMANCE: Race-proven velocity-sensitive damping control technology custom-tuned specifically for the PRO-RMK
ADJUSTABILITY: Infinitely adjustable dual air spring; infinitely adjustable main piston valve stack
DURABILITY: PTFE-lined spherical bearings to maximize durability; anodized Internal Floating Piston (IFP) & bearing housing to prevent oil contamination & boost seal durability & lifespan; 6061-T6 aluminum piggyback body caps, bodies, air sleeves & reservoirs
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Fully rebuildable & serviceable; Samurai Sealing System features special low-temperature, highly durable material that scrapes away snow, ice & debris while keeping the seals lubricated for minimal friction; higher internal air volume/increased air pressure for better roll resistance in corners
Size Chest Waist Sleeve Sizing Codes
X-SMALL 30-32 24-26 32 01
SMALL 34-36 28-30 33 02
MEDIUM 38-40 32-34 34 03
MEDIUM TALL 42-44 32-34 35 1/2 05
LARGE 42-44 36-38 35 06
LARGE TALL 46-48 36-38 36 1/2 08
X-LARGE 46-48 40-42 36 09
X-LARGE TALL 46-48 40-42 37 1/2 11
XX-LARGE 50-52 44-46 37 12
XX-LARGE TALL 50-52 44-46 38 1/2 13
XXX-LARGE 50-52 48-50 37 1/2 14
Men's regular 5'8" to 6'0", tall 6'0" to 6'4"
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