Lightest. Strongest. Most Flickable.

Polaris® RMK®

Terrain Domination® on a Polaris® RMK®, the ROCKY MOUNTAIN KING, is having the ability to go places and see possibilities no one else can. It's about having complete confidence in your sled, knowing that it's ready to react and perform like no other. It's about being the lightest, strongest and most flickable. Ride harder and own the mountain like never before.

The RMK® Lineup

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others thought impossible

RMK®Technology: Light & Rigid

QuickDrive® Low-Inertia Drive System

  • Provides quicker acceleration and increased “flickability"
  • Reduces rotational inertia by 21% which means 5lb. less effort when carving
  • Durable, robust and proven
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Carbon Fiber

  • Strong, light and rigid carbon fiber overstructure
  • Lightweight without compromising strength

PowderTrac™ Running Boards

  • Most aggressive running boards in the industry
  • Provide the best snow and ice cleanout with open area of 50%
  • Rigid RMK® running boards provide for instant response to foot pressure

Structural Adhesive Bonding

  • Structural bonding is a proven aerospace and automotive technology
  • Used in a-arms, drive shafts and bolted and riveted chassis joints
  • Leads to a rigid and responsive chassis with proven durability

RMK®: The True

King of the Mountain

RMK®: A Rigid Suspension is Better

  • RMK has a rigid suspension, which allows it to hold any side-hill line and not get pushed out and down the face of a hill the way a flexible suspension does.
  • A flexible suspension works against your ability to maintain a side-hill, pushing the sled out and down the face of the slope.
  • tMotion + FlexEdge on the Ski-Doo Summit add flexibility to the suspension and track that make the sled easy to roll over on the sales floor but difficult to perform in technical terrain due to less control on the snow

RMK®: The Biggest Lean Angle Means Less Paneling Out

  • RMK has the most compact side panel geometry on the mountain. This compact design gives the RMK the best lean angle, which allows it to hold the steepest side-hill lines before the panels hit the snow.
  • "Paneling Out" occurs when the side panels make contact with the snow during a side-hill, pushing the sled away from the hill. This makes ski flotation and control less effective.

RMK®: 417 lbs Light

  • The lightest mountain snowmobile. 42 lbs lighter than the competition.
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