A new way up for the rest to follow

Polaris® RMK®

A new way up for the rest to follow
Set out on a Polaris® RMK®, the world's best mountain sled, and find more places to explore. Discover the confidence within to take the line not yet taken. The RMK is the lightest, strongest, most flickable - and made for the mountain. Pick your line up for the steeps or sidehill effortlessly through the trees and ride harder knowing you can own the mountain like never before. Together, we are BORN FOR MORE.
The 2019 RMK® Lineup


The Ultimate Mountain Sled


Most Versatile Deep Snow Sled


The Backcountry Original, Extreme Tough

RMK® Assault® is the backcountry original. Tough-as-nails for extreme conditions.


All-Purpose Deep Snow Tough

RMK® is for 50/50 crossover riders that want deep snow maneuverability with Rider Balanced™ on-trail confidence.

850 PRO-RMK® Experience

3 Terrain Dominators. Here's what they said about the all-new 850 PRO-RMK®.

RMK® Technology

RMK® Technology

Patented Raised AXYS® RMK® Chassis

  • The patented AXYS® RMK® Chassis delivers the renowned perfect balance riders expect from an RMK® and offers ultimate control for a more compliant ride.
  • Increases clearance and reduces drag to keep rider on top of snow
  • Allows for improve sidehilling, faster and easier climbing, and instantaneous lift allowing for sled to pop onto the snow faster
  • Carbon fiber overstructure offers reduced weight without compromsing strength
  • Tall spindles increase clearance to reduce drag

All-New React™ Front Suspension

All-new AXYS® RMK® React™ Front Suspension provides riders with the most precise and effortless ride in the deep snow. Effortlessly initiate sidehills and experience less fatigue with the most predictable ride. This new front suspension features:

  • All-new geometry with an adjustable 36"-38" stance
  • A sway bar designed for predictable handling
  • All-new forged A-Arms and forged spindles are optimized for strength and durability and designed specifically for the new React™ Front Suspension

All-New 850 Patriot™ Engine

  • The most powerful Polaris® snowmobile engine ever.
  • Building on 25 years of legendary Liberty® engine heritage.
  • Creates all-new benchmark for durability, acceleration, and response
  • Industry-leading power-to-weight ratio and unmatched throttle response.
  • Exclusively available on select 2019 SnowCheck models


Lightweight Leaders

RMK® Rear Suspension

The lightweight, rigid AXYS® RMK® React™ Rear Suspension design features optimized geometry to control pitch, resulting in: improved weight transfer, better control, and a more compliant ride. NEW for 2019 on select models: new lightweight technology and components, including an all new front track shock shaft which is 0.5 pounds lighter and all new, patent-pending hyfax design optimized for lighter weight (.5 pounds) while maintaining durability. Available on the 2019 850 PRO-RMK® only.

SLS Shock Springs

All-new SLS Shock Springs feature a patent-protected, proprietary technology that allows the steel springs to be durable yet light – lighter than titanium. These springs are 3 pounds lighter than previous RMK® springs and provide a rider with enhanced agility and responsiveness. These new springs are SnowCheck exclusive and available on 2019 850 PRO-RMK® models.

Polaris® vs. Ski-doo®

Polaris® mountain sleds are the lightest in the industry, and the Polaris® 850 PRO-RMK® is 7% better in power-to-weight ratio than the Ski-Doo® 850 Summit.
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