Lightest. Strongest. Most Flickable.

Polaris® RMK®

Terrain Domination® on a Polaris RMK®, the ROCKY MOUNTAIN KING, is having the ability to go places and see possibilities no one else can. It's about having complete confidence in your sled, knowing that it's ready to react and perform like no other. It’s about elevating your riding ability, whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just getting started. It's about being the lightest, strongest and most flickable. In the deep powder, you’ve got to be able to react. To pick your line up the steeps, or sidehill through the trees, you need a light sled with enough power and snap to throw it around. Ride harder and own the mountain like never before.

Looking for a snowmobile that provides a different ride experience such as crossover or trail sleds, head to find a snowmobile.

The RMK® Lineup





The SKS is the most versatile deep snow crossover sled.



The RMK® Assault® is the backcountry original. Tough-as-nails for extreme conditions.



The RMK® 144 is for 50/50 crossover riders that want deep snow maneuverability with Rider-Balanced™ on-trail confidence.




The AXYS® RMK® features a patented, raised chassis that increases clearance and reduces drag to keep you on top of the snow. This allows for improved sidehilling, faster and easier climbing, and instantaneous lift allowing the sled to pop onto the snow faster. The carbon fiber overstructure offers reduced weight without compromising strength. New, taller spindles increase clearance to reduce drag.


The Polaris® RMK® features industry-first Forged Aluminum A-Arms. The one-piece, forged a-arms are lighter (approximately 1.5 lbs lighter) while providing optimal strength. Forging is widely used and proven through the automotive industry. This design reduces unsprung mass leading to a better ride quality and increased maneuverability.

Optimized Rail Design Reduces Weight While Adding Strength

'The lightweight, rigid rear suspension design is 3 lbs lighter while the new rail is 15% stiffer vertically. It features revised geometry to control pitch which improves weight transfer, delivering better control and a more compliant ride. The rear suspension features a durable, lightweight rail design that helps lift the rear skid while driving it forward. Polaris uses design optimization software to analyze the loads and stress points for various systems and components of the snowmobile. This allows the team to design lightweight yet durable and strong snowmobiles.

Proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine

'Developed in conjunction with the AXYS platform, the proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine delivers +10% increase in power-to-weight ratio and quicker throttle response to generate instantaneous lift. The integrated mounting position optimizes the balance of the chassis. Featuring:

  • 3-stage electronically-controlled exhaust valves
  • Electronic oil pump
  • Thermostat with bypass warms up to operating temperature 40% faster and improves durability
  • High-efficiency intake and exhaust
  • VForce Reeds
  • Lightweight crankshaft
  • New throttle body that's lighter and reduces throttle effort
  • Grooved Piston


5 owners of competitive brands 3 days of mountain riding Here's what they said about the RMK®…
Jordan Almaas
2011 Arctic Cat M8 Owner

"Doing tight downhill U-turns in powder, where I’m used to my other sled digging in, this one doesn’t."

- Jordan


"The more I rode it, the more I found this thing can take me pretty much anywhere I want to go. I’d buy it."
-Dan, Yamaha Owner


"Because of its sidehill ability, just being able to slow down and pick a line through the trees, I’d definitely buy a Polaris!"
-Brent, Ski-Doo Owner


"I’d definitely consider buying a new RMK. It’s a game changer in the trees."
-Jordan, Arctic Cat Owner


Erik Johnson
Albert Lee, Minnesota
Arctic Cat F-800, Owner

"The likelihood that I move to a Polaris is high."

- Erik


“That 800 motor is extemely powerful.” – Erik


“It wants to pull hard — its that mid-range that really shocked me.” – Darren

Darren LeBlanc
Sudbury, Ontario
SKI-DOO 800 Renegade Owner

"I'm loving that ""X"" and I think thats the sled for me now."

- Darren


“The GPS and the gauge cluster is a stand out.” – Ben


“The gauge and the GPS integrated into one is something every manufacturer is going to have to follow to stay in the game.” – Michael


“You can see 10 times better than any headlight out there.” – Yvon

RMK: The True King of the Mountain

RMK® has a rigid suspension and chassis, which makes the sled easier to ride for anyone. It allows the sled to hold any side-hill line and not get pushed out and down the face of a hill the way a flexible suspension does. 

A rigid suspension and chassis makes the sled more predictable and responsive to rider input which means less rider fatigue.

RMK®: Less Effort. More Control.

The Polaris AXYS® RMK® has 20% less drive line inertia vs. the Ski-Doo Summit, which means the RMK® requires the least amount of effort while giving you the most control and ability to maneuver. 


  • QuickDrive Low Inertia Drive System: Designed to make the sled rev quicker for instantaneous lift and reduces rotational inertia by 21% over PRO-RIDE® for easier handling and more flickability.
  • 800 H.O. Engine and Legendary Polaris P-85 Clutches: The proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine and lightweight crankshaft delivers +10% increase in power-to-weight ratio and quicker throttle response. And the proven Polaris® P85 Drive Clutches are lightweight and durable.

RMK®: Now 408 lbs Light

The lightest mountain snowmobile with industry-leading power-to-weight ratio and is 51 lbs lighter than the competition.

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