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Item #2882250-520

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Slingshade™ - Sunset Red


Item #2882250-520

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Product Info
    There’s nothing quite like the open-air rush of a Slingshot®, and now you can keep the open road feel while adding undeniable style and shade from the hot summer sun. Polaris Slingshade sets the standard with its vertical opening gull wing panels featuring friction hinge technology, superior fit and finish and easy installation. Designed with the machine, Slingshade flaunts sleek lines and the same automotive grade paint, perfectly color matched to your machine. Getting in and out is easy with the maximized entry and exit, designed to comfortably fit an adult up to 6'4"". Polycarbonate windows boast 70% tint for better sun protection. Magnets allow for easy entry/exit while additional latch system secures doors during the ride. The rear styling fins add the finishing style touch to blend seamlessly with the factory lines of the Slingshot® while adding an aggressive punch.
    The superior sunshade to all aftermarket options:
  • Slingshot® Engineered: Aesthetically superior, designed and built with the vehicle for better fitment, color-matched to look like an extension of the Slingshot® and not an “add-on”.
  • Most Ergonomically Friendly Option Available: Has maximized entry and exit, designed to comfortably fit an adult up to 6’4”.
  • Optimized Materials: Frame is strong and lightweight due to RTM manufacturing process, and contains 70% Polycarbonate tinted windows, designed to prevent fading and provide better sun protection.
WARNING: Always secure latches during operation. Failure to secure latches may result in unintended opening or release causing injury to others or damage to Slingshade™. This top is not a safety device or roll cage. It is not intended to protect the occupants in the event of a rollover or other unforeseeable events. This top is not a roof and is not intended to haul cargo. NEVER attach, strap, or haul objects of any type or weight on this top. This top is not intended to contain or restrain the occupant or provide additional safety protection. ALWAYS wear a full face helmet, seatbelt and other safety equipment as outlined in your vehicle owner’s’ manual. Failure to follow these warnings could lead to serious injury or death. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
What's Included
  • Frame, two panels, two rear fins,casted mounting structures, and all necessary mounting hardware
Product Summary
Convenience Features
Friction hinge technology, dual closure doors, ergonomic design
Product Dimensions
59"L x 69"W x 26"H
Does Not Work With
Slingshade™ only fits MY17-18 Slingshot® Models ONLY (does not fit vehicles MY16 and older).
Recommended With
Slingshade Dust Cover, 2882416
Ease of Installation
Dealer Only
71 Gloss Black
Product Weight
34 Pounds (lbs)
Care And Cleaning
Mild soap and water
2 Year From Date of Purchase
Ship Dimensions
64"L x 61"W x 29"H
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