Experience how Slingshot® has been pushing the limits

Salt Lake City, Utah

Check out how professional stunt driver, Joe Dryden, takes Slingshot to the edge. How will you go to the edge?

2017 Nitro World Games
Salt Lake City, Utah

Nitro Circus athletes, Travis Pastrana, James Foster, Jaie Toohey, and Blake "Bilko" Williams go head to head in Salt Lake City, Utah to see who takes Slingshot® most to the edge.

2017 Race of Champions
Miami, Florida

The Debut of Slingshot® Racing. At the Race of Champions in Miami, FL, some of the greatest drivers in the world went behind the wheel of the 2017 Slingshot® SLR to test their driving and machine capabilities against one another.

The SLR doesn't just feel like it was made for the racetrack, it was born for it. Learn more about our performance model and prepare for one intense ride.

Slingshot's® adrenaline reputation straight from the experts

"What works best about the Slingshot is that it's bullet proof. All these guys can jump in it, rampage it hard, step on the brakes, shift it hard and it’s not going to break down. That’s what drivers want when they come to Race of Champions. It's dependable and it’s the same for everybody."

- Kurt Busch, Nascar Driver, Race of Champions 2017, Miami, Florida
"A lot of people are afraid to fail, I kind of go the opposite route and I know I'm going to fail and you got to figure out where these limits are as these vehicles get better and better, the edges continually pushed further and that's what racing is all about."

- Travis Pastrana, Action Sports Superstar, Nitro World Games 2017
This is not an invitation. It's a dare.
The Slingshot®. Insanely low. Absurdly powerful. No roof. No doors. No regrets. Choose a model. Throw it in gear. And go. We dare you.
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