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  • This strong, durable and resilient Poly Plow Blade lets a RANGER® rider finish off big plowing jobs in a hurry. This innovative 66”-wide polyethylene snow blade flexes and absorbs impact to minimize stress on the RANGER during plowing. Ideal for plowing snow from residential driveways, the lightweight polyethylene blade can flex in all temperatures, and the poly material will never rust like a metal blade. The plow blade’s scoop design has an increased plowing surface and forward-angled corners to optimize the plowing quality and efficiency.

    Strong, durable, lightweight Poly Plow Blade is ideal for a wide range of residential driveway plowing jobs
    Polyethylene snow blade flexes & absorbs impact so less impact energy & stress is transmitted to the RANGER while plowing
    66”-wide blade has forward-angled corners & scoop design for increased plowing surface
    Poly blade can flex in all temperatures & will not rust like metal blades
    Includes a replaceable metal wear bar
    Fits RANGER® 570 & RANGER® ETX models
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  • Glacier II Plow Mount
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  • The Lock & Ride® Glacier® II Push frame lets you attach a plow blade to a vehicle quickly without requiring any tools. It was developed with significant strength to withstand more rigorous plowing and deliver consistently outstanding performance.

    • Push frame attaches to mount plate on vehicle and plow blade attaches to push frame
    • Lock & Ride®: Plow blade can be attached quickly and easily without tools
    • Push frame requires a mount plate for the vehicle and plow blade for a complete Plow System

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