Product Safety and Training Information

Product Safety and Training Information

At Polaris, we are extremely committed to the safety of our customers and riders. Through product design, dedicated safety engineering, and increased efforts to promote and enhance consumer awareness, Polaris continues to work for a safe riding experience and proper operation of our products.

When operating any Polaris product, please read and follow the owner’s manual carefully, adhere to all on-vehicle warnings, wear the proper safety gear as outlined in the manual, and abide by all state and federal safety laws. Click here to find a list of Polaris owner's manuals.

Additional Safety Resources

Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association

The two-hour safety course helps develop safe driving habits but it is not a "learn to drive" course. It is intended to improve awareness about ROVs and inspire a safety-minded approach to off-road recreation.

All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute

The All-Terrain Vehicle Safety InstituteSM (ASI), a not-for-profit division of the Specialty Vehicle Institute of AmericaSM (SVIA), was formed in 1988 to implement an expanded national program of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety education and awareness.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation® is the internationally recognized developer of the comprehensive, research-based, Rider Education and Training System (MSF RETS).

Product Safety and Quality

Interested in discovering more on Polaris’ commitment to making safety and quality a competitive advantage? Check out our Investing in Product Safety and Quality page.

Please contact your local dealer for additional safety information or for replacement warning labels and decals.

For additional safety and training information, please call 1-800-342-3764.