60 Gallon Boomless Utility Sprayer by Polaris

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60 Gallon Boomless Utility Sprayer
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Tackle your biggest spraying jobs like a pro with this 60-GallonBoomless Utility Sprayer. Mount this Utility Sprayer in your Polaris® RANGER® rear cargo box easily using Lock & Ride anchors and mounting hardware. The boom less design allows outstanding maneuverability as you ride precisely where you want to spray. It’s highly effective for fence rows, food plots, spot spraying, and general agricultural spraying. The Utility Sprayer features a 60-galloncorrosion-resistant polyethylene tank. There’s also a 12-volt diaphragm pump, and a pressure gauge that lets you adjust the spray pressure. This Boom less Utility Sprayer can deliver fluids at a rate of up to 3.8gpm with a 45 psi maximum. The unit includes a deluxe pistol grip handgun with an adjustable nozzle and 25’ of hose. The spray gun horizontal throw is 35’, with a maximum vertical throw of 26’. The boom less nozzles can deliver across a full 30-foot spray coverage area. This sprayer is Roundup®-ready. Color: White tank. Material: Polyethylene tank.Installation: Lock & Ride mounting bracket secures sprayer in rear cargo box. Includes: Sprayer, mounting bracket and all mounting hardware. Boom less Nozzles with full 30’ spray coverage. Spray gun horizontal Throw: 35’; max. Vertical throw: 26’. 60-Gallon corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank.12-volt diaphragm pump.3.8 gpm; 45 psi maximum.Pressure gauge; adjustable pressure.Deluxe pistol grip handgun with adjustable nozzle; 25’ of hose.Ready For Roundup®. Gem vehicles require bed sides 2880070.
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