MEDINA, MN (September 8, 2012) - The powerful, lightweight and extremely flickable Polaris 800 Pro-RMK 155 with the innovative new QuickDrive™ Low Inertia Drive System has been named 2013 Snowmobile of the Year by Snow Goer Magazine.
The magazine’s award annually honors snowmobiles that set new standards for snowmobile technology, and the 800 Pro-RMK 155 has numerous rider-friendly, performance-enhancing innovations, foremost among them the QuickDrive Low Inertia Drive System, the first belt drive system in a production snowmobile. Technology such as this allows this deep snow model hit the slopes with a dry weight of just 417 pounds.
“The Snow Goer editors traditionally honor a sled with technology that moves the sport forward and sets new technological benchmarks, and the 800 Pro-RMK 155 achieves that along with delivering a new high level of performance as the most flickable sled on the snow,” said Polaris Director of Snowmobiles Chris Wolf.
A long list of innovative, Polaris-exclusive features allows the 2013 800 Pro-RMK 155 to exceed deep snow riders’ demands for a lightweight, durable and powerful snowmobile that dominates on the slopes. Special features of the 800 Pro-RMK 155 include:
  • QuickDrive Low Inertia Drive System: This is a complete system that includes an extruded aluminum drive shaft, lightweight brake, RMK-specific brake caliper and maintenance-free belt drive. The system’s lightweight, simple and efficient design eliminates the need for oil or a tensioner system. The complete QuickDrive system, which has a cast aluminum backer plate and sprockets, provides a significant weight savings and a 21% reduction in rotational inertia.
  • Powder Trac™ Running Boards: These all-new extruded aluminum running boards are the new benchmark in strength, traction and snow cleanout. The design produces strong platforms consisting of minimal structure and more than 50% open area for the lightest weight and the fastest snow evacuation.
  • PRO-RIDE™ Chassis: The PRO-RIDE chassis is lightweight and strong. It’s 300% more rigid and a rider can control it precisely with less effort and fatigue. A rider sidehilling to a turnout trough or threading between tight trees will find this is the most flickable chassis on the snow.
  • Carbon Fiber Overstructure: The Pro-RMK boasts the world’s first use of carbon fiber in a production snowmobile chassis. This reduces weight while maintaining strength and rigidity.
  • Advanced Construction for More Strength, Less Weight: Advanced manufacturing technology results in reduced sled weight along with maximized strength and durability. The Pro-RMK front end uses bonded lower control arms with forged aluminum ends and steel tubing, which reduces the control arms’ total weight by 2 pounds.
  • Premium Suspension With Walker Evans Shocks: The 800 Pro-RMK 155 has an RMK Coil-Over Rear Suspension that delivers outstanding flotation and deep-snow performance, and offers an improved on-trail ride. The Walker Evans® Coil-Over Shocks are rebuildable, internal floating piston (IFP) shocks with mono-tube construction. A rider can adjust the spring pre-load to set the sled up for conditions ranging from deep powder to crusted snow.

    The PRO-RIDE RMK Adjustable IFS has Walker Evans shocks and the ski center distance is adjustable to 39, 40 or 41 inches (99.1, 101.6, 104.1 cm).

    This new sled has Gripper skis and a 15" x 155" x 2.4" Series 5.1 track.
  • Outstanding Cleanfire Power: The Sled of the Year is powered by a liquid-cooled 800 Cleanfire® engine with semi-direct injection (SDI) that delivers outstanding throttle response and instant acceleration. This powerful, efficient engine provides the sled with an impressive power-to-weight ratio. It starts easily and reliably and calibrates automatically as the temperature and elevation change. It also delivers impressive fuel economy in real-world riding situations, which, for Polaris riders, means aggressive, up-tempo riding, not low-rev lab conditions.

    The power is managed by the legendary Polaris P-85 drive clutch paired with a lightweight TEAM™ roller driven clutch. The 800 Pro-RMK 155 has an 11.5-gallon (43.5 liter) fuel tank.
  • Rider-Friendly Ergonomics: The PRO-RIDE chassis is a balanced platform designed for Rider Active Control. The ergonomics put the rider – sitting or standing – in a comfortable position of confident control. This new sled has ProTaper® bars with handlebar hooks and a Pro Lite seat, and virtually the entire top surface of the Powder Trac Running Boards has a machined, high-traction finish so a rider’s boots have a sure grip in every riding position.
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Polaris is among the global sales leaders for both snowmobiles and off-road vehicles and has established a presence in the heavyweight cruiser and touring motorcycle market with the Victory and Indian motorcycle brands. Additionally, Polaris continues to invest in the global on-road small electric/hybrid vehicle industry with Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) and Goupil Industrie SA, and internally developed vehicles. Polaris enhances the riding experience with a complete line of Pure Polaris® apparel, accessories and parts, available at Polaris dealerships.
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