Racing Series – BITD

Schueler attended Sunrise Mountain High School in Peoria, AZ , In his junior year of high school he and his brother founded Jagged Extreme LLC. In the humble confines of their home garage where they began customizing everything from golf carts to Jeeps and ATVs.

Both brothers had a keen set of mechanical skills and lot of imagination. With their passion along with the rapidly expanding off road vehicle market they were able to grow this business into one of the most well known off road fabrication shop in Arizona.

In 2007, along with the introduction of the revolutionary Polaris RZR, Jagged X became an aftermarket development partner for Polaris and launched a whole new world of offroad . This also sparked the birth of the factory backed Jagged X Racing team. Schueler has taken the lead role on the racing side of things and is the key to the teams racing success.

Schueler is the lead driver of the 1919 BITD (Best In the desert) race car. The 1919 has transformed through four generations of RZR, starting out as a two seat 50” RZR 800 into the 100+ horsepower RZR XP 4 of today. Schueler’s role, however, goes much deeper than racing a RZR in the desert. The Jagged X racing efforts help feed the engineering and product development teams information that help improve Polaris vehicles across the board.

When Schueler is not racing or building the coolest race cars, he enjoys snowboarding, Shooting, Fishing and camping in his beautiful home state of Arizona.


-Unprecedented five BITD pro championships
-More BITD finishes than any other UTV racer
-Crowned King of the Hammers at the 2011 Pitbull Tires King of the Hammers

Brandon Scheuler

Cody Rahders, currently 19, started racing both Motocross and BMX at the age of five competing in the highly competitive race circuits of Southern California and even raced at the KTM Challenge at the 2003 San Diego Supercross. After a string of injuries, Rahders stepped away from racing MX to concentrate on recovery and baseball.

In 2007, at the age of 12, Rahders decided he wanted to start racing again. His mother said, “Ride all you want but race in a cage.” And with this, Rahders moved into UTV racing competing in events such as the Lake Elsinore GP and Soboba GP. His results were good enough where at the age of 13, he moved into short course off road racing full time competing in series such a M4SX, Monster Jam and any one off event he could find.

2009 was his break out year where at M4SX Rahders won Rounds 1 thru 7 of the Armature series clinching the title Armature early and turned Pro for Round 8.

2010 and 2011 Rahders converted his UTV to SR1 spec (R1 street bike powered UTV) and went to the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series where he had several wins and placed well both years.

In 2012, Rahders competed in three different series capturing titles in two of them, the 2012 WORCS Production 700 champion and the Lucas Oil Regional Series SuperLite Champion, and placed 6th overall in LOORRS.


2008-M4SX-Superstock. 5th overall. One podium in eight races.

2009-M4SX-Amature Modified Champion. Seven podiums including seven wins in eight races, turned pro at round eight.

2010-LOORRS-SR1-5th overall. Six podiums including one win in fifteen races.

2011-LOORRS-SR1. 4th overall. Six podiums including three wins in fifteen races.

2012-WORCS-2012. Production 700 Class Champion. Six podiums in eight races including three wins.     

LOORRS SuperLite Champion. Three podiums including two wins in five races.

LOORRS SuperLite, 6th overall. Five podiums including two wins in sixteen races.



Mark Holz, from Lynden, Washington is no stRANGERto winning with Polaris. Mark started out building parts for the championship winning Factory Polaris Hillclimb and SnoCross teams and with the appearance of the Polaris RZR focused his efforts on building race-proven parts for the booming side x side industry

Along the way he has built cars for some of the top names in the industry including the Lucas Oil Off-Road championship winning unlimited RZRs of RJ Anderson, Matt Parks’ 2011 Best In The Desert Championship winning RZR-4 and Scott Kiger’s Coastal Drilling GNCC race team

Holz and his company Holz Racing Products is unique in the UTV racing world, not only does he build championship winning cars that compete in all the major series’ (WORCS, GNCC, BITD, Lucas, Dakar) he’s an accomplished driver capable of going out and mixing it up in any of those series

“I got my start racing sprint cars, where car setup was critical. I’ve always strived to build the strongest, lightest, most simple race vehicles we can build.” said Mark Holz.

Holz says it’s great to work with a vehicle that is so versatile. What they learn in one series is applied to the next build for other series’. Each has their own unique needs and being exposed to all the different race formats allows us to build great cars.

-2009 WORCS Side x Side Class 1 Champion
-2011 WORCS Side x Side Class 1 Ranked 2nd Overall
-2012 Best in the Desert Class #1900 Pro UTV Champion

-2011 Lucas Oil Offroad Unlimited SidexSide Champion (RJ Anderson)
-2011 Best in the Desert Class #1900 Pro UTV Champion (Matt Parks)
-2012 Dakar Rally T3 UTV Champion (Willy Alcaraz)
-2012 Best in the Desert Class #1900 Pro UTV Champion (Scott Kiger)


Scott Kiger, a Waynesburg, Pennsylvania native started racing ATVs in 1990. In his early 20’s Kiger had a passion for racing and it was on ATVs at that time. After competing in the GNCC for some time, Kiger decided to focus on his career more so than racing. Due to the tim­ing, GNCC racing was still relatively new in its development stages, so there wasn’t enough factory support to take it serious and make a solid career from racing. “I had to do something to get my career started, so I just gave up racing and put my head down and went to work hard for 20 years,” Kiger said. Now he is the President of SDI (Shaft Drillers International).

A couple of years ago GNCC racing started the four classes for the UTV vehicles to compete in the series. After achieving remarkable success in the shaft drilling business, Kiger decided it was time to get back to the track where he enjoyed being around the great people involved in racing. He got his competitive spirit and helmet off the shelf and went out to have some fun.

Kiger is very active and helpful not only in his business but in the community as well. He runs with Yokley Racing in GNCC and  with Coastal Racing in Best in the Desert. Kiger still resides in Waynesburg, PA as a small town boy who loves to go out and thrash it up on the track!



• 2010 GNCC SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 2nd Overall

• 2011 GNCC SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 3rd Overall

• 2011 WORCS SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 6th Overall

• 2012 GNCC SidexSide Class 1 Ranked 2nd Overall

• 2012 Best in the Desert UTV Champion

• 2013 Baja 1000 Pro UTV Class Winner


Yokley grew up in Tompkinsville, Kentucky and still lives there. He started riding at the age of nine and gained experience riding multiple brands and sizes over the years. During his  childhood, he enjoyed and respect­ed all types of riding and racing, but focused mostly on motocross.

At the age of fifteen, Yokley started running in GNCC events, and started desert racing at the age of eighteen in the Baja 1000. With a twenty-four year career under his belt, pro class for the last fourteen years, he made the decision to retire from full time racing in the XC1 Pro Class at the end of the 2009 season. This year, he’s am racing in the GNCC UTV Series, as well as focusing more on managing and building the Yokley Racing Team.

He’s been called a Pro Quad racing icon with the most tremendous fans of any Pro Rider. He’s been fortunate to be featured often in the media; ATV magazine publications, broadcast coverage of GNCC events, appearances on Moto World, The Outdoor Channel, GNCC TV, Versus, ATV Television, ESPN2 and ABC, along with various websites and magazines. Yokley has been featured on GNCC TV within select sponsors “Feature Product of the Week” segments, on giving video race recaps, and frequent articles and interviews on

An area of my career he’s really excited about is his work with spon­sors on product development. They are some of the most important companies serving the ATV and UTV industry. He helps sponsors as a performance tester of their products for both racing and recreational uses. Because racing has been a lifelong passion, Yokley’s experience gives him a unique insight about how a part or product performs un­der different terrain and weather conditions. This intuition allows him to give feedback to a manufacturer that is invaluable to engineering adjustments with extraordinary results in performance and safety.


• Multi-Time Pro and Pro Production GNCC Winner

• 1998 Silver State Pro Class Champion

• 1999 Silver State Pro Class Champion

• 2000 Silver State Pro Class Champion

• 2002 Silver State Pro Class Champion

• 2003 Las Vegas 200 Overall ATV Winner (Solo)

• 2001 BAJA 1000 Overall Winning Team

• 2005 BAJA 1000 3rd Overall ATV

• 2001 GNCC Banquet Swampfox Award

• 2002 GNCC Banquet Sportsmanship Award

• 2004 GNCC Banquet Sportsmanship Award

• 2010 GNCC Banquet Sport Ambassador Award

• 2000 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 2nd

• 2001 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 4th

• 2002 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 3rd

• 2003 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 3rd

• 2004 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 2nd

• 2005 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 3rd

• 2006 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 5th

• 2006 WPSA ProQuad Terrain Challenge Ranked 3rd

• 2007 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 11th

• 2008 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 8th

• 2008 GNCC National Side-by-Side Champion

• 2009 GNCC National Side-by-Side Ranked 4th

• 2009 GNCC Pro Class Ranked 18th

• 2010 GNCC National Side-by-Side Champion

• 2011 GNCC National Side-by-Side Champion

• 2011 WORCS National Side-by-Side Champion

• 2012 GNCC National Side-by-Side Champion

• 2013 GNCC National Side-by-Side Champion


Matt Parks grew up in Riverside California and raced motocross in the very competitive southern California racing scene. Parks is a Powersports industry veteran and despite being very close to the business side of UTVs, he continues to be an avid racing enthusiast.


Early on Parks saw the potential for recreation UTVs and he is credited with building the very first race RANGER. He raced his RANGER in 2006 and 2007 and earned several top positions, despite his RANGER being mostly stock and built off of a utility platform. The highlight of his early UTV racing was being the first UTV to finish and win a SCORE Baja event, the 2007 SCORE Tecate Baja 250.

Parks took a couple of years off of UTV racing in 2008 and 2009 to race full size buggies in Best In the Desert and SCORE. In 2010, he jumped back into Pro UTV racing and he had the idea to build a RZR 4 into a two seat race RZR. Despite his racing efforts being self-funded, he won his very first race in new RZR 4 in late 2010 and went on to win five of the next eight races. Parks earned the 2011 Best In The Desert Pro UTV Championship and also was the BITD UTV ‘Grand Champion.’ In 2012, Parks switched to the factory Polaris/Jagged X team. While he was always a contender in 2012 and lead nearly every race at one point, small problems knocked him back. In the end, he won two of the six Best In The Desert races in 2012 , got second at the 553 mile long Vegas to Reno. Ultimately, he got third place in the championship just seven points out of first. In 2013 Parks won the SCORE Pro UTV championship and for 2014 he will try to defend his SCORE championship as the series expands to six events with races both in Baja Mexico and in the US.

Parks lives in Newport Beach California, with his wife and two sons.

Matt Parks’ racing accomplishments:

-2007 SCORE Tecate Baja 250 – 1st place
-2011 Best In The Desert Pro UTV champion
-2011 Best In The Desert UTV Grand Champion
-2012 Best In The Desert – 3rd place in championship
-2013 SCORE San Felipe 250 - 1st place
-2013 SCORE Baja 500 - 1st place
-2013 SCORE Baja 1000 - 2nd place
-2013 SCORE Pro UTV Champion
-2013 Toyota Milestone Award winner for finishing all race miles in the SCORE series


RJ Anderson, short for Randy Anderson Jr. was born on February 17th, 1993 in Riverside, CA. It is in Anderson’s pedigree to be successful at a young age. Father Randy Sr. became Walker Evans personal crew chief at the young age of 19 and has since gone on to becoming part owner of Walker Evans Racing. Growing up surrounded by this much success and experience in racing has given Anderson a solid foundation for which to build his own racing career.

Beginning his career racing go carts at age 11, Anderson transitioned into youth TrophyKarts where he would begin his off-road racing career. He quickly progressed into a UTV at age 15 and has remained a UTV competitor in numerous race series including the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, M4SX, WORCS, and numerous Grand Prix events. In 2011 at age 18, Anderson would claim his very first professional UTV Championship crown at the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. The same year Anderson moved into the ProLite and SuperLite divisions at in the Lucas and the TORC off road racing series. In his first full season behind the wheel of his V8 Pro-Lite Anderson claimed TORC Rookie of the Year honors as well as taking 2nd in points for the series class championship. Anderson would cap off his year by bringing home a $10,000 check and the prestigious Lucas Oil Challenge Cup trophy in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series season finale.

In 2012, Anderson joined the Stronghold Motorsports organization alongside seven time supercross champion, Jeremy McGrath and action sports personality Cameron Steele. In addition to racing his ProLite in the Lucas series, Anderson also campaigned his Polaris RZR in the WORCS Series where he collected five wins among his seven podium finishes while finishing second in the year-long championship chase.

Dominating the ProLite division with five wins among his ten podium finishes over the course of the season, nineteen year old Anderson became the youngest professional champion in Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series history when he clinched the 2012 ProLite division championship with a fourteenth round victory at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

During the off season Anderson enjoys spending time with his family and friends, staying in shape, and planning for the upcoming season both on and off the track while focused on his goal of becoming a champion in many classes of off-road racing.

2011 Lucas OIL Off Road Racing Series
2011 UTV Unlimited - Super Lite Championship - Pro-Lite
2011 UTV Unlimited CHAMPION
2011 Super Lite Challenge Cup WINNER

-26 - Podium Finishes
-10 - 1st Place WINS
-10 - 2nd Place Finishes
-6 - 3rd Place Finishes


Justin Lambert, residing in Bakersfield California grew up around drag racing and performance as his father built racing engines, drag cars, and drag boats from the ground up. Racing started for Justin in go-karts at age 7, racing and competition is in Justin’s blood. School caused a long hiatus in his racing participation, but now is a Mechanical Engineer having graduated Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a bachelor’s degree, and went on to start an aftermarket suspension design and manufacturing company called Cognito Motorsports building products for trucks, SUV’s, and UTV’s.

Justin started racing UTV’s in mid-2011, and got hooked on the growing sport right away. 2012 was the first full season raced, and was at that point fully driven to make his way to the upper end of the sport. Determined to grow the Cognito brand and prove Cognito products, Justin races what he designs and builds, thus proven in the harshest conditions. In 2013, Justin competed in both the BITD series and the WORCS series in 2 different cars, and racked up 5 podium finishes including 2 wins. The Cognito team also endeavored into racing in Baja for the first time, starting and finishing the Baja 1000 in 5th place.

During time in between races, Justin enjoys spending time with his 6 year old son, as well as snowboarding, wake boarding, recreational off-roading, building his business, and planning his next Cognito racing adventure.

-26 - Podium Finishes
-10 - 1st Place WINS
-10 - 2nd Place Finishes
-6 - 3rd Place Finishes


Baron started racing MX at age 13 and quickly progressed through the amateur ranks turning pro at age 17. He has held an AMA Pro license for 14 years qualifying for many outdoor nationals, and he has been a durability test rider for many years as well. In 2007 Baron tried a WORCS ATV Pro race and it changed his full-time career into racing ATVs. He was the WORCS ATV Champion in 2009, 2012 and 2013. He continues to race ATVs professionally but has also added profesional SxS racing in 2011. In 2013 he took the WORCS Pro SxS championship title and helped the Jagged X Polaris Team secure their championship title in the SCORE Series. He will be competing in the 2014 WORCS series for both the ATV and the SxS championship titles.

2013 WORCS SxS Pro Champion
2013 WORCS ATV Pro Champion
2012 WORCS ATV Pro Champion
2012 WORCS SxS #3
2012 SOBOBA GP SxS Runner-Up
2011 WORCS SxS #4
2011 WORCS ATV Pro #3
2011 SOBOBA GP SxS and PRO ATV Winner
2010 WORCS ATV Pro #2
2009 WORCS ATV Pro Champion



Piplic grew up in Lynnwood, Washington and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He started riding dirt bikes and ATVs when he was 10 years old with his uncles. He mostly trail rode and went to the Oregon dunes religiously growing up with his family.

Piplic never did any racing until he moved to Phoenix to attend MMI. His first race was when he was 19 years old, at a local MX track, at the faiRGRounds. He started with MX and arena cross racing, Piplic got into WORCS Racing in 2004 after he moved back to Washington. He moved up the ranks to become a pro quad racer in 2005 and primarily focused on WORCS. He continues to race multiple disciplines and still enjoys racing his dirt bike when he can at endurocross events, MX and WORCS races.

After multiple years of racing ATVs, he had a chance to try racing UTVs. After his first ride, the next week he decided to retire from ATV racing. Piplic started racing a Polaris RZR XP 900 mid-year at WORCS and realized he had found the best form of racing he had ever experienced.

Piplic has been fortunate to be part of off-road racing for the majority of his career and couldn’t be happier than racing UTVs. He started out racing his first season mid-year 2011 and worked his way up to 5th in points by the end of the year. In his first full season of 2012, he earned the WORCS SXS 1000 championship and won the 2012 Fall Fuel Fest, in St. George Utah. In 2013 he achieved a 2nd place finish in the WORCS SXS 1000 Pro Production class and also set a new world record for distance jumped in a RZR XP 1000. He also raced the 2013 Baja 1000 with the Cognito Team and earned a 5th place finish in a race a majority of the competitors said a SXS could not finish. With each year SXS racing keeps getting better and he couldn't be more excited to be apart of it!


• 2009 WORCS National Pro 8th in points

• 2010 WORCS National Pro 11th in points

• 2011 WORCS National SXS Class 1 5th in points

• 2012 WORCS National SXS 1000 Class Champion

• 2012 Fall Fuel Fest Champion

• 2012 Baja 1000 SXS Driver

• 2013 WORCS National SXS Pro Production Class 2nd in Points

• 2013 World record holder for long distance jum in SXS 155.8 ft

• 2013 Fall Fuel Fest Champion

• 2013 Baja 1000 Cognito team driver, 5th place finish


Mitch has always been an avid off road enthusiast and was on the forefront of the rockcrawling craze that began in the 90’s. In 1999 Mitch started competing in professional rockcrawling events. In his six years of competition, he was very successful with numerous wins and went on to win the Pro Rock championship in 2004. He continues to race, but now in the UTV racing, such as the King Of The Hammers UTV race where he has won four out of the five races since its inception in 2009. As time permits Mitch races other series and one off races. He is also crew chief for his son Mitch Jr. Mitch and his wife live in southern California and have two children. The family enjoys spending time together at the track.

Racing Accomplishments

2004 Pro Rock Champion

2009 King Of The Hammers UTV Champion

2010 King Of The Hammers UTV Champion

2011 Soboba Grand Prix - 2nd Place

2011 King Of The Hammers UTV Champion

2012 King Of The Hammers UTV Champion

2013 King Of The Hammers UTV Champion


Jon Crowley has been immersed in the UTV industry since 2006 when he started Crowley is more of an enthusiast than a racer, but has raced the King of the Hammers UTV race each year since its inception. In 2013, Crowley teamed up with Jagged X in a 2013 RZR XP 900 and brought home a second place in a race that was so tough only three competitors finished after nearly 8 hours of racing. In 2012, Crowley brought home a third-place finish in his 2011 RZR XP 900 in the Production 1000 class after starting 25th off the line.

For 2014, Crowley has built an all-new car based on a 2014 RZR XP 1000, but things will changed a little. Crowley has again teamed with Jagged X and Blake Van de Loo for this year's race, but the team will switch seats for the race. Van de Loo will drive and Crowley will co-dog. The team is building two race-ready XP 1000s to ensure they are ready for race day. This year's race includes qualifying for start position the day before the main race. Qualifying for start position is so important and the qualifying course is expected to be incredibly tough, so the team isn't leaving anything to chance.

Crowley’s build is a play car and a race car. He focused on the flexibility of the RZR XP 1000 and built the car so that he could race one day, and hit the trail or dune the next. Keep an eye out for Crowley’s reviews of all the new Polaris side-by-sides in addition to a few special buildups.


 6X RUV Champion at the ATV Mud Nationals

3X RUV Champion in the CMR, currently 2nd in points for 2014

Raced flat track and quad motocross for 6 years prior to mud racing

Has placed in the top three positions over 176 times in his mud racing career

 From Dubberly, Louisiana



Mitch Jr., 17, is a senior at Glendora High School in Glendora, California. He started racing short course in a Trophy Kart at age 11 in the CORR series, followed by the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in 2008. He quickly moved up from the stock class into the Modified Kart class where he was a top contender and was a fixture on the podium. 2011 was Mitch’s last season in the Modified Kart class. He led the points most of the year, and finished 2nd in the championship. Mitch has also navigated for his dad, Mitch Sr., in the King Of The Hammer UTV races, raced in the Soboba Grand Prix, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Regional Series, The Dirt Series, a SST UTV race, and in 2013 completed his second year in the WORCS series Production 1000 class, in which he had five wins and six podiums out of nine rounds of racing. He held a season long points lead and won the championship in his Polaris RZR XP 900. At 16 years old he was the youngest in the class.

Racing Accomplishments:
2008 Trophy Kart World Cup Champion
2009 USAC TORRC Series 250 cc. Champion
2009 M4SX -- 2nd Overall
2010 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series -- 4th Overall
2010 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Regional Series -- 2nd Overall
2011 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series -- 8 Podium Finishes
2011 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series -- 2nd Overall
2011 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Challenge Cup -- 2nd Place
2011 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Regional Series -- 2nd Overall
2012 WORCS Production 1000 -- 11th Overall
2012 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Regional Series Rd. 4 UTV -- 1st Place
2012 Dirt Series Rd. 8 UTV -- 1st Place
2012 Lucas Oil Off Road Regional Series Shootout UTV -- 1st Place
2012 Slideways Saturday -- 1st Place
2013 WORCS Production 1000 -- 6 Podium Finishes
2013 WORCS Production 1000 -- 1st Overall



DOB: MAY 3 1981

RESIDENCE: Newport Beach, CA

RACE VEHICLE: 2012 season Polaris 900 XP,2013 Season Polaris 900XP

SEASON GOAL: To win as many races and sharpen my driving skills

Career Highlights: Winning the 2012 LUCAS OIL CHAMPIONSHIP. Our Team helped Lucas Oil start the Rzr Utv class, Beating My Brother in a race and being able to race with my friends on my team.

Races: 1st place LOORS UTAH REGIONAL, 3rd LOORS Lake Elsinore, 2ND PLACE LOORS GLEN HELEN REGIONAL, 3RD Place LOORS LAKE ELSINORE REGIONAL, 4th LOORS VEGAS SHOOTOUT, 4TH PLACE DIRT SERIES, 5TH PLACE DIRT SERIES, 1st Place Dirt series Unlimited, 3rd place Dirt Series unlimited,2nd place Lorors, Lorors 4th.

Team Owner Manager: Wolfpack Motorsports currently running as Rockstar Energy/Polaris/Utv Wolfpack Partner Owner of Merrell Media that produces videos and production media services for large corporations and small companies.

YEARS RACING: 2. This is my 2nd year racing in the drivers seat but I have always been around the off-road racing industry since middle school going to Baja 500 and 1000 or best in the desert and helping with my friends teams or co-driving. Our sponsors made all this happen based on relationships built over the years. I think our program is only just getting started and we are now in full force. Riding motocross from an early age has helped me understand how the dirt reacts to your vehicle and makes the crossover to racing UTV'S that much better.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough. -Mario Andretti


DOB: NOVEMBER 20, 1979

RESIDENCE: Newport Beach

RACE VEHICLE: 2013 season Polaris 900 XP

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: LOORS Regional: 2nd Place Lake Elsinore 2nd Place Utah, 3rd place Glen Helen, 2nd Place Dirt Series

GOALS: Be a pioneer in the exploding UTV world with a race team, epic videos, partnerships with sponsors and helping build the Lucas Oil Regional series to bring more attention to the ever growing UTV market.

TEAM POSITION: Driver/Co-Owner Wolfpack Motorsports

PROFESSION: Owner Merrell Media/Producer at Hart and Huntington Merrell Media is company that produces professional commercials media services for the action sports industry and is the keystone to the race team’s social media storm. Clients have included Rockstar Energy, Hart and Huntington, Sony, Eclipse RV’s, Rockwell Watches to name a few.

ABOUT: Jeremy is multifaceted person with a dynamic range of abilities and not just a driver. “Racing is not just about winning anymore, it’s about marketing and representing the brands that help keep us doing what we love. It’s about being relevant in an industry that changes daily, thinking outside the box, strategizing how we can really set the trend and that’s what set’s us apart from everyone else”.

YEARS RACING: 2nd year in a SXS he has been riding dirt bikes since age 6 raced and dabbled in FMX, he has always been into off-road and continues to stay involved by attending many baja races, Lucas Offroad and even traveled with team Robby Gordon for the 2009 Dakar race from Argentina to Chile.

QUOTE: “Racing is not just about winning anymore, it’s about marketing and representing the brands that help keep us doing what we love. – Jeremy Merrell



NAME - Michael Swift

AGE - 35

BIRTHDATE - 4/25/78

HOMETOWN - Shelbyville, TN
















Race Number:99

Race Vehicle:2015 Polaris Sportsman 570 and a 2014 Polaris Scrambler 1000


Residence: Somerset, WI

Occupation:ATV Customizer with a specialty in Clutching



Weight: 220


Children/names:Jarrod, Samantha

Hobbies: Hunting, Mud Racing

Years Racing:9

First Podium: Muddy 13 Raceway, Hancock, WI - 2005


Johnny Angal

Johnny Angal hails from Gilbert Arizona.  He was transplanted to Arizona as a young man from California. Having the wide open Arizona desert and mountain’s surrounding him, he and his friends wore out plenty of dirt bikes, 3-wheelers and ATVs.


After putting in his time and building a few different businesses, Angal headed out to the Glamis sand dunes for his vacation getaways. Needing a backup ride for the sand dunes, he purchased a Polaris RANGER. As things progressed, the next ground-breaking UTV on the market was the Polaris RZR and Angal started yet another Business selling UTV Performance parts.


Angal has put tens of thousands of miles on his personal RZRs over the years; even going on one ride that lasted 23 days and 4800 miles across the United States; started thinking about desert racing while building a race RZR for a customer. Then, while attending the race, just to see what it was like, decided he was in.


Racing his first race in May, 2014 he quickly pulled behind the race leader. Even after three flat tires and a seventh place finish, he was hooked and his rookie season had started! His second race was a fourth Place finish at the Score International Baja 500 and at the end of his sixth race, his team were the Official 2014 Baja 1000 Class 1900 1st place winners.


Getting ready to start the 2015 race season Angal says, “When he is not racing he is thinking about racing.”


Marc Burnett

Marc Burnett is an organizer and promoter as well as a racer.  Burnett started racing motocross at the tender age of five where he accomplished multiple wins.  He is a well experience off-road racer, with 25 years of experience racing Baja. He rode for Factory Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki.  Burnett then moved onto racing Class 6 trucks where again he accomplished first place in the 2008 San Felipe 250 and first place in 2011 at the Baja 500. He’s also won the SCORE Milestone Award twice.  Most recently, Burnett has made a huge impact in the UTV Pro-Class 19.  Burnett started 2014 strong winning first place in the San Felipe 250.  He came in second in the Best in the Desert Mint 400, Second in the Imperial Valley 250, First in the Baja 500, and last but not, least he won the 2014 SCORE Championship. More impressively, Burnett is the first person to “Iron Man” the Baja 1000 in a UTV in his class.  Burnett is looking forward to 2015 race season and working with his new sponsor Polaris

Branden Sims


Branden Sims is addicted to off road racing and everything in between from wake boarding at the lake in the summer to hitting the slopes on his board in the winter. Off-road racing has been his passion from the early age of 6 where he raced a quad in the “Whiplash Racing” organization. Throughout the years, Sims dabbled in a few other racing disciplines including BMX and downhill mountain biking. He returned back to his off-road roots when he was presented the opportunity to race a pro quad in the 2006 Baja 1000 point-to-point race. In his first attempt at the race, he finished the 1047 mile race in sixth place in the Pro class. After that race, Sims decided it was time to get off the quad and venture into the Utv scene. He purchased a Rhino and started the build at his shop. He raced in two different racing organizations in 2009 including the Whiplash racing series and the Grinding Stone series. Sims won the championship in both series in the Pro Utv class. In 2010, he built an SR1 to race LOORRS.

At the end of 2013, Sims decided that he wanted to take his racing to the next level and purchased a 2014 RZR XP 1000 that he built to race at the pro level at King of the Hammers, Best in The Desert and SCORE.


2014 King of The Hammers-2nd Place Pro

Rookie year in BITD 2014

3rd place Mint 400

3rd place Silver State 300

2nd place Parker Blue Water Challenge

Rookie year in SCORE 2014-2nd place Baja 500, 1st place Baja 1000


Don Higbee

Age: 46

Hometown: Casper WY

Started Racing: 2006


-          2014 SCORE World Desert Champion

-          2014 Best In The Desert Quad Expert Champion

-          2013 GNCC 4x4 Senior 2nd

-          2013 SCORE Baja 1000 2nd – Ironman

-          Several Heartland Challenge 10 Hr. Podiums

Owner of 2 Polaris Dealers

·         Driven Powersports – Casper WY

·         Destination X – Gillette WY


Married – Karen Higbee

Daughter – Stephanie Higbee

Hobbies – Boating, trail riding, PWC riding, traveling




2015 Series: GNCC



Kevin Trantham