ACE Side Bags - Black by Polaris

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Side Bags - Black
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These Side Bags are an innovative cargo solutions that makes efficient use of available space in a Polaris® SPORTSMAN ACE™. These bags secure to the vehicle framework quickly and easily without tools using integrated straps. They provide convenient cargo space for small items such as a wallet, phone, glasses, goggles, gloves, cap, and much more. These bags feature a zippered compartment to securely hold cargo while you ride, and an exterior mesh pocket whose contents are visible. The side bags are accessible by the driver while seated in the vehicle. When the ride ends, remove the bags completely or leave them attached and simply take the contents with you. Cannot be used when doors are installed.

Sold as a set of two bags. An innovative cargo solution that holds small items without using space in the rear cargo box
Bags secure to the vehicle framework using integrated straps
No tools required for installation or removal
Convenient cargo space for a wide variety of small items
Bag has zippered compartment to securely hold cargo & mesh outside pocket
Sold individually; purchase two to have one for each side of the vehicle
Cannot be used along with doors
Polaris branded
Fits all Polaris® SPORTSMAN ACE™ models
Size Chest Sleeve Sizing Codes
X-SMALL 30-32 24-26 32 01
SMALL 34-36 28-30 33 02
MEDIUM 38-40 32-34 34 03
MEDIUM TALL 42-44 32-34 35 1/2 05
LARGE 42-44 36-38 35 06
LARGE TALL 46-48 36-38 36 1/2 08
X-LARGE 46-48 40-42 36 09
X-LARGE TALL 46-48 40-42 37 1/2 11
XX-LARGE 50-52 44-46 37 12
XX-LARGE TALL 50-52 44-46 38 1/2 13
XXXLargeText 50-52 48-50 37 1/2 14
Men's regular 5'8" to 6'0", tall 6'0" to 6'4"
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