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  • You can add shade and overhead protection to your Polaris® SPORTSMAN ACE™ in just minutes with this Lock & Ride® Poly Sport Roof. It is lightweight, stylish, and protective as well as features Lock & Ride® technology so you can install or remove it quickly and easily without tools. The roof’s integrated styling looks great on the vehicle, and it is engineered with drainage channels that keep rain away from the rider. Provides overhead protection & shade Rigid construction: Strong, durable, lightweight Lock & Ride® technology: Install or remove quickly & easily without tools All mounting hardware included Engineered to eliminate warping in high-heat conditions Integrated drainage channels route rain water away from driver Can be used with other accessories such as a windshield, rear panel, audio, etc.
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  • A Polaris® SPORTSMAN ACE™ rider enjoys shade and versatile, dependable overhead protection from the Polaris® Engineered Canvas Roof. This durable roof can be installed and removed quickly and easily without tools. It folds up for compact, convenient storage when not in use. Provides shade & reliable overhead protection from rain & off-road spray As conditions change, roof can be installed or removed in seconds without tools Roof attaches securely to vehicle frame to withstand rigors of off-road riding Integrated, self-locking mounting hardware attaches front of roof to frame Adjustable straps secure rear of rood to frame No tools required for installation or removal Durable canvas construction Folds for easy, compact storage Polaris® branded
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