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  • Race-proven FOX® high-performance suspension for Polaris Sportsman 550 & 850 delivers consistently optimized performance in all conditions and lets riders dial in the compression and rebound to suit their style.
    • Remote reservoir for outstanding performance
    • Compression-adjustable to customize the ride
    • Improved handling
    • Rebuild able design
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  • These Heavy-Duty Front Suspension Springs have a spring rate of 128 lb./in. and help a Sportsman’s front suspension deliver optimal performance in all conditions, on all terrain and when carrying large loads. They are stiffer than stock springs and are ideal for any Sportsman carrying a heavier load such as a plow blade and for riding over extreme terrain. They also help increase lift during plowing snow.

    Fits On:
    Model year 2005-2008 Sportsman models

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  • Install a set of these Spring Pre-Load Adjusters and you’ll be able to dial in your suspension performance to suit variations in the load your Sportsman ATV is carrying, and to ensure optimal performance on all types of terrain.

    Fits On:
    Model year 2008 and earlier Sportsman models

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  • This Lock & Ride® ATV Expansion Anchor with Mount can be used on any Lock & Ride® accessory. With Polaris’ exclusive Lock & Ride® technology, accessories can attach or detach to the ATV in seconds allowing you to ride or work more - and not hassle with any time-consuming accessory installation. In addition, this product has Expansion Anchor Technology which feature Polaris exclusive mounting slots that allows any accessory to be attached/detached to the 2005 Sportsman ATV instantly with no tools. Please note this anchor does not fit on Gen IV, Gen IV+ and Gen VI ATV's.
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  • With our unique Engine Braking System (EBS), the engine assists with braking on hills and steep inclines. Polaris Dual-Sensing EBS senses both engine RPM and vehicle torque load, for cooler and superior back shifting. EBS is standard on some models and is an available accessory for any past or present Polaris automatic ATV.
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  • The perfect solution in those states that require ATVs to be licensed. Everything you need. Kit includes one impact-resistant plate, mounting hardware, two sets of 0-9 number decals, one set of A-Z letters
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  • Shuts off vehicle if you're seperated from it. Easy to install. Mounts directly on pod, connects to prewired harness.
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  • This is the direct replacement for a Glacier Pro ATV Plow System Shear Pin that has been lost or needs replacement. This is the original pin used with the plow system, so it will fit perfectly and deliver durable, reliable service. Each pin is engineered to provide two uses, so if the pin shears, flip it over and replace it for an additional use.

    Direct replacement for a Glacier Pro ATV Plow System Shear Pin
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  • Install this EPS Kit – which consists of the Polaris-exclusive Electric Power Steering system – in a Polaris® SPORTSMAN ACE™ and the rider will enjoy exceptionally smooth, easy handling. The EPS provides automotive-style steering that is light and precise, enhancing the ride experience and allowing the rider to stay fresher longer throughout the day. EPS is ideal for work and recreation situations that require extensive backing up or precision steering.

    Enjoy smooth, easy, precisely responsive automotive-quality steering
    EPS provides a light steering feel in all situations, including low-speed maneuvering through challenging terrain
    Enjoy riding more & stay fresher throughout a day of riding
    Fits all Model Year 2015 Polaris® SPORTSMAN ACE™ models

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