Sportsman Glacier Pro ATV Plow Frame Attachment by Polaris

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Integrated Plow Mount - Frame Attachment
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This frame attachment connects your vehicle’s integrated plow mount to the Polaris Glacier Pro Plow Frame (2879630; sold separately). Most 2015 Polaris SPORTSMAN models feature an integrated plow mount on the vehicle’s undercarriage. This mount, which was previously a separate accessory item, is a permanent fixture on these SPORTSMAN models. This makes it easier than ever for you to securely attach a plow blade to the ATV. Attach the plow blade of your choice (sold separately) to this Integrated Plow Mount Frame Attachment, then drive the ATV up to the attachment for easy installation. The attachment locks securely into the integrated mount on the vehicle, and you’re set to plow! When you’re finished plowing, lower the plow blade and step on the pedal on the attachment to unlock and detach the attachment from the vehicle. Then lower the kickstand on the attachment and back up the ATV until the next time you need to plow.

This Integrated Plow Mount Frame Attachment attaches to the plow mount that is an integral component on the undercarriage of most MY2015 SPORTSMAN models
Requires Glacier Pro Plow Frame & plow blade (each sold separately)
When the plowing job is complete, lower the plow blade, lower the kickstand on the attachment, step on the unlocking pedal on the attachment, & back the ATV away from the attachment
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