OGIO Semi-Rigid Rear Cargo Bag - Camo by OGIO Semi-Rigid Rear Cargo Bag - Camo by Polaris

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OGIO Semi-Rigid Rear Cargo Bag - Camo
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Sportsman® Camo Semi-Rigid Rear ATV Bag by Polaris®
The Sportsman® Camo Semi-Rigid Rear Bag is a large, versatile, durable and protective cargo carrying solution that Sportsman riders will use in countless ways. It installs on a Sportsman rear cargo rack in minutes – without tools – using Lock & Ride® technology, and it can be removed just as quickly. Two grab handles make it easy to carry this Camo bag to and from the Polaris ATV. This broad, deep bag features semi-rigid construction so it holds its shape and always maintains the full capacity of the main interior storage area. That main cargo space can be used as one large area, or a Polaris rider can split it in two using a divider that mounts securely in the center of the space using Velcro® fasteners. The main interior cargo space is complemented by two small cargo pockets on the underside of the lid: A mesh pocket and a zippered plastic enclosure that provides a secure, moisture-resistant space for items such as small electronics and valuables. The cargo box lid completely covers the main cargo area to protect the contents, and the lid is lined by a Polaris-exclusive dust gasket that forms a seal to block dirt, dust and moisture from reaching the cargo. Large, adjustable buckled straps keep the cover securely shut. The back side of the Sportsman Semi-Rigid Rear Bag features an external zippered cargo pocket as well as an integrated rider backrest. On top of the bag are integrated bungee cords that can hold cargo such as a jacket, duffel bag or tools securely atop the lid. The bag features Polaris and OGIO® branding. Sportsman Semi-Rigid Rear Bag dimensions are: 35.5” wide across the back; 32.5” wide across the front; over 10” tall; and 13.25” deep (front to back).
  • Color: Camo.
  • Material: Durable high-denier polyester fabric.
  • Installation: Lock & Ride® mounting atop the rear cargo rack.
  • Includes: ATV Bag and mounting hardware.
Size Chest Sleeve Sizing Codes
X-SMALL 30-32 24-26 32 01
SMALL 34-36 28-30 33 02
MEDIUM 38-40 32-34 34 03
MEDIUM TALL 42-44 32-34 35 1/2 05
LARGE 42-44 36-38 35 06
LARGE TALL 46-48 36-38 36 1/2 08
X-LARGE 46-48 40-42 36 09
X-LARGE TALL 46-48 40-42 37 1/2 11
XX-LARGE 50-52 44-46 37 12
XX-LARGE TALL 50-52 44-46 38 1/2 13
XXXLargeText 50-52 48-50 37 1/2 14
Men's regular 5'8" to 6'0", tall 6'0" to 6'4"
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