Legendary Performance

Polaris® Indy®

INDY® is the most iconic name in snowmobiling. For over 30 years, INDY® has been bringing friends and families together to ride. Now, a new generation delivers the ultimate blend of performance, value, and fun. Snowmobiling is about one thing: fun. Whether you’re riding 2-up with your family, shooting across the lake, or touring with a passenger around the woods, the best times happen when you’re on the throttle and in control.

The Indy® Lineup

    The INDY® SP is for high-performance trail riders seeking fun at a great value.

  • 600 INDY® SP

    600 INDY SP Explore Build
  • INDY

    INDY® sleds are for trail riders seeking a great value.

  • 120 INDY®

    120 INDY Explore
  • 550 INDY® 144

    550 INDY 144 Explore Build
  • Adventure

    INDY® Adventure riders need a sled that can do it all – versatility at a great value. They ride on and off-trails, solo or with a passenger, and with and without storage.

  • 550 INDY® Adventure 155

    550 INDY ADVENTURE 155 Explore Build
  • 550 INDY® Adventure 144

    550 INDY ADVENTURE 144 Explore Build
  • Touring

    INDY® LXTs are built for touring riders seeking a great value. They ride primarily on trail with a passenger.

  • 550 INDY® LXT Blue Fire Metallic

    550 INDY LXT 144 IMPERIAL BLUE Explore Build
  • 550 INDY® LXT 144 INDY® RED

    550 INDY LXT 144 INDY RED Explore Build
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