600 Switchback PRO-R

The Switchback Pro-R has proven itself to be the most versatile trail sled of choice for those that want no boundaries.

What's New For 2013

  • Pro-Steer Ski
  • Pro-Ride Adventure Seat
  • One-Piece Handlebar
  • Right Hand Controls

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Real World Domination


  • CHASSIS: Pro-Ride Chassis
  • SUSPENSION: Pro-Ride 136" Progressive-Rate Suspension, Race-Proven IFS, WALKER EVANS® Shocks
  • ERGOS/BALANCE: Pro-Ride Adventure Seat, One-Piece Handlebar, Right Hand Controls
  • POWERTRAIN: 600 Cleanfire® Engine, Lightweight Rotor & Jackshaft

136" Pro-Ride Rear Suspension

Eliminate “spine tinglers” with the industry’s only uncoupled, progressive-rate suspension. This Polaris-exclusive design provides a bottomless ride with incredible weight transfer and unmatched fun factor. The 136" rail provides superior off-trail capability compared to competitive crossovers and bridges the bumps for a more comfortable ride.


World’s most advanced snowmobile chassis - light, rigid and perfectly balanced for precise handling even in the nastiest terrain. The progressive-rate suspension provides a bottomless ride that allows us to run an uncoupled rail with great weight transfer for a more comfortable and fun ride. The Cobra track allows for unprecedented flotation and traction.

Pro-Steer Ski

The new Pro-Steer™ Ski features a reshaped keel and shortened skag for reduced steering effort. Redesigned ribs atop the ski increase torsional stiffness for more precise steering, and bosses added atop the ribs provide traction to prevent slipping when a rider steps on the ski in deep snow.

One-Piece Handlebar

The new one-piece handlebar features clean, durable construction. It enhances ergonomics with full-length grips that improve comfort and control, and the heater elements extend to the ends of the bar for greater hand comfort.

Right Hand Controls

A new, redesigned throttle block and a separate kill switch perch that can be positioned independently for improved ergos and ability to tailor your controls.

600 Cleanfire® Engine

This liquid-cooled Cleanfire® engine with semi-direct injection (SDI) delivers outstanding throttle response and instant acceleration. These powerful, efficient engines produce the impressive power-to-weight ratios that performance riders demand. Cleanfire engines start easily and reliably and they calibrate automatically as the temperature and elevation change. These engines deliver impressive fuel economy in real-world riding situations, which, for Polaris riders, means aggressive, up-tempo riding, not low-rev lab conditions.


Take the best seat in the house. A wider more comfortable seat that provides an ideal blend of cushion and support. The Switchback seat height also allows the rider to easily transition from seated to standing as the conditions dictate.


Prevents unauthorized driveaway of idling sled, and can be installed by dealer on sleds with Pro-Ride Gauge.


Unbeatable combination of PRO-RIDE steering and patented variable caster design eliminates bump steer. Lighter steering, sharper cornering. Developed in conjunction with the Polaris Racing program. Its performance and durability were proven in extensive on- and off-track testing, and the new IFS delivers significantly enhanced handling with flatter, more precise cornering and 20% reduced steering effort.

WALKER EVANS® Needle Shocks

Premium shocks with compression adjusters and remote reservoirs offer the best in tunability and fade-proof performance. Unique needle design uses hydraulic force at the end of the stroke to eliminate harsh bottoming.

Lightweight Silencer

The silencer has been designed to keep noise levels and overall weight in check.

Lightweight Rotor & Jackshaft

Reducing rotating mass allows for a sled with quicker response. These parts combine to offer a 2.5 lb. reduction of rotating mass. New lightweight, purpose-built RMK brake system. Featuring the proven Cyclone master cylinder mated to a lightweight, single-piston caliper.


Designed for aggressive trail traction and control. Integrated tunnel protection allows you to stud up to a 1.75" track.

Integrated Tunnel Protection

Integrated stud protection for up to 1.75” lug plus 3/8” stud.

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