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Ernie  MacDonald

"The first 2009 Polaris RZR 800 S in Nova Scotia. Still going strong!!! Taken at dusk."

- Ernie MacDonald, Whites Lake, NS

Kenton Yost

"A beautiful weekend at the top of Marble Mountain in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta."

- Kenton Yost, Three Hills, AB

Sean  Sexsmith

"Just another day on the trails. "

- Sean Sexsmith, Sylvan Lake, AB

Brendon Vodden

"Out enjoying first ride on my new RZR. Thought I would snap a few pictures to make everyone jealous!!! Love it!"

- Brendon Vodden, Manitou, MB

Darcy Murray

"Me and my RZR XP 900 in the mountains on Vancouver island. "

- Darcy Murray, Cumberland, BC

shawn thompson

"Trail riding in Moab UT with my 2013 RZR S... in front of Merrimac Butte."

- shawn thompson, tucson, AZ