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GEM® Markets and Applications

Where you go, so do they.

Whether it's at home or work, GEM® electric vehicles have the versatility, options and configurations to handle the task at hand. From street-legal* general transportation to utility needs, GEM® cars offer near industry-wide usability all in an eco-friendly, cost-effective and, of course, uniquely-styled package. Don't just get moving. Get doing.

Markets & Applications

Hotel & Resort

Combining the best of both worlds, GEM® delivers exceptional comfort and style for guests and performance and versatility staff can depend on. Task-driven with noiseless operation, GEM® can seamlessly adjust to handle the gamut of hotel and resort needs with minimal intrusiveness.
  • Guest Transportation & Valet
  • Housekeeping & Hospitality
  • Grounds Keeping & Maintenance

Government, GSA & Municipalities

GEM® all-electric utility vehicles are an energy-efficient alternative to gas-powered fleet vehicles. Durable body construction coupled with versatile capabilities and low operating costs makes GEM® an optimal solution for a wide range of tasks: security, maintenance, parking enforcement, mail delivery and refuse collection.
  • Parking Enforcement & Security
  • Groundskeeping & Maintenance

Schools & Universities

GEM® delivers a premium electric solution for the eco-friendly priorities of colleges and universities. With a small carbon footprint, GEM®'s street-legal capabilities and quiet operation make it ideal for nimbly traversing across expansive campus settings to perform a wide range of tasks.
  • Student Transportation
  • Groundskeeping & Maintenance
  • Parking Enforcement & Security

Athletics, Amusement & Entertainment

When it comes to transportation vehicles for your indoor or outdoor venue's style and versatility are everything. GEM® zero-emission electric vehicles deliver a stylish, first-class experience with the versatility to operate indoors and out to perform a wide range of tasks: from groundskeeping and hospitality to transporting talent or guests.
  • Guest Transportation & Valet
  • Housekeeping & Hospitality
  • Groundskeeping & Maintenance

Property & Facility Maintenance

GEM® is built to handle your property maintenance tasks in more ways than one. Its durable construction, performance and cargo capacity make it a reliable workhorse, while its comfortable, multipassenger seating allows it to accommodate for guest transportation and site tours.
  • Groundskeeping & Maintenance
  • Guest Transportation & Site Tours