Capital Requirements


Based on Polaris’ current capital requirements, a new dealer would need to have at minimum the following requirements: 

  • Resources Value 
  • Working Capital $50,000 
  • Parts, Apparel and Accessories $75,000 
  • Special Tools/Manuals $7,500 
  • Dealer Management System $10,000 - $50,000 
  • Interior Fixtures and Exterior Signage $10,000 
  • Total Minimum Investment $152,500 - $192,500

* In addition to the minimum investment, a $500,000 credit line is required for the example listed above. 

The above example is representative of a dealer carrying the ATV and Snowmobile product lines. Due to the many combinations that a Polaris dealer may carry this is used for example only. 

The investment figure shown above is for internal operating costs only. This does not include facility costs, either the purchase or lease of a facility. Due to the variation of property costs across the country, we are unable to provide general guidelines on facility expenses. 

Each dealership opportunity is unique and you should not rely on the above example in making your decision to become a Polaris dealer.