The Polaris Engineering Development Program (EDP) offers a unique opportunity for recent graduate engineers who share our commitment to becoming a global force in the design and production of world-class snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and Polaris engines.

    Our unique two-year development program will help you develop essential skills in the engineering sciences related to engineering technologies, provide a broad-based understanding of the product development cycle, and give you in-depth exposure to our customers and their needs.

    The program provides the resources, support and environment you need to realize both personal and professional success.

    You'll begin building your skills and knowledge early through a series of short-term assignments. The variety of assignments gives you an introduction to what working at Polaris is all about and helps you decide where you can do the work best suited to your interests and the company's needs at the completion of the program.

    These assignments will help you establish foundational technical, analysis and experimental methods skills.

    During this program you will also establish mentor relationships with our technical leadership that will continue throughout your career with Polaris.

    What To Expect
    The first two years of your employment with Polaris will consist of a progressive course of planned rotations covering the following:
    • A two-day Orientation at our corporate headquarters with the Polaris CEO, Vice Presidents and General Managers.
    • A two-week Departmental Orientation to key departments and teams throughout our company.
    • Four six-month skill development assignments in the areas of:
      • Design Engineering (Snowmobiles, ATVs, Victory Motorcycles, and engines)
      • Manufacturing Engineering
      • Development, Testing, Industrial Design and more
      • Research and Development
    Become A Candidate
    The EDP program is selective. A limited number of openings occur each year, and only the most promising college graduates are chosen.

    • A superior undergraduate academic record (Overall GPA of 3.0 minimum).
    • Exhibited leadership characteristics and excellent communication skills.
    • Proven academic success in key Engineering courses; Internship or Co-op experiences related to your field of study and interests. Project experience is also desirable, e.g. Mini Baja, Sr. project, etc.
    • Ability to be accepted into an engineering en-us's degree program.
    • Desire to work in a team environment and take a proactive leadership role.
    • The drive to actively contribute to both personal and company-wide goals through creative and innovative thinking.
    • Proven strength in analysis and creative problem solving, communication, interpersonal relationships, self-motivation, and leadership.

    To Apply
    Polaris visits several undergraduate programs each year for targeted recruitment, or you can apply for an intership in the Current Opportunities section of this site. As EDP openings become available, they will be listed with a job title of Engineering Development Program. Select that job title to review job responsibilities and submit your resume.

    "After graduating from college, it was hard to make a decision with what I wanted to do with my degree. The Engineering Development Program at Polaris has allowed me to explore different aspects of my degree while working for a great company. Now I'm developing great job experience and learning about all the different opportunities I have with my engineering degree." - EDP Engineer