About Polaris

Polaris Creed
At Polaris, making great products is not just a job - it is a way of life. That is why our creed is etched in steel at the entrance at each of our locations. Our employees are not only building and designing our machines, they are also enthusiastic riders. This gives us the competitive edge as we work together to make the riding experience better.

Polaris Values
Polaris is a strong believer that the key to its success is in the ethics and values of its employees. The Polaris values were defined by its employees, and to prove that this is not just lip service, the Polaris Performance Management Program evaluates employee performance not only on delivered results but also on how well they represent company values:

  • Team Player
  • Innovation
  • Employee Development
  • Customer Focus
  • Integrity
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Problem Solver
  • Leadership

Management Team
Scott W. Wine
Chief Executive Officer

Bennett J. Morgan
President and Chief Operating Officer

Todd Balan
Vice President - Corporate Development

James P. Williams
Vice President - Human Resources

Michael W. Malone
Vice President - Finance, Chief Financial Officer

Michael P. Jonikas
Vice President - Snow, Sales and Corporate Marketing

Stacy Bogart
Vice President - General Counsel, Compliance Officer and Secretary

William C. Fisher
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

David C. Longren
Vice President - ORV and ORV Engineering

Steven D. Menneto
Vice President - Motorcycles

Scott A. Swenson
Vice President - Small Vehicles

Stephen Eastman
Vice President - PG&A

Michael D. Dougherty
Vice President - Asia Pacific and Latin America

Matthew J. Homan
Vice President - EMEA

Suresh Krishna
Vice President - Global Operations