With over 3500 employees, Polaris isn’t a huge company, but there is a huge opportunity to make a difference and grow here. A few of the ways that we support your career development include:

    Training Classes
    Cross-Functional and Department Teams
    Tuition Reimbursement
    Performance Feedback
    Stretch Assignments
    Engineer Development Program (EDP)

    These things provide the opportunity for you to contribute, develop, and ultimately advance your competencies and career!

    Performance Feedback & Development
    Polaris has an annual performance and summary process. You'll meet with your manager for feedback on your performance and discuss where you'd like to go in your future. Through this planned coaching, your manager will help you shape an action plan to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

    360 Degree Feedback
    Polaris has a 360 Degree Feedback program for employee development. Through feedback from work teams, peers and customers, employees develop perspective on their management style and skills.

    Annual HR Review
    This review gives top management a broad view of the team - its strengths and its needs. By reviewing the group as a whole, managers can identify ways to further each individual's career while supporting the overall goals of the business. This is also an opportunity for top management to look at and plan for succession planning to ensure there is a good base of qualified employees for Polaris' future.

    Succeeding As A Polaris Leader
    This program was developed to give new managers and supervisors the practical, Polaris-specific information they need to succeed in their new jobs and to provide participants with a model for leadership.

    Polaris Leadership Development Program
    This program provides Polaris managers with tools & training to be effective leaders. This also provides an opportunity for leaders to develop relationships across locations and business functions, exposing managers to members of the senior leadership team.