About Polaris

About Polaris

For millions of people around the world, Polaris has become synonymous with adventure and passion, in both work and play. For more than 60 years, we’ve been making high-quality, breakthrough products—whether it’s launching the snowmobile industry, reinventing ATV categories year after year, developing the first purpose-built military vehicles or introducing a radical 3-wheel moto-roadster.

From our entrepreneurial roots as a mechanical shop, we’ve grown into one of the world’s largest Powersports companies. And in recent years, we’ve expanded beyond Powersports into adjacent markets, like commercial and military vehicles, where we can add value. Today, Polaris offers a diverse portfolio of best-in-class brands that fuel the passion of workers and outdoor enthusiasts around the globe by delivering innovative, high-quality vehicles, products, services and experiences that enrich their lives.


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The Polaris spirit can be traced back to co-founders Edgar Hetteen, his younger brother Allan and his close friend David Johnson. The hard-working trio started the forerunner of Polaris—Hetteen Hoist & Derrick—in 1945 in tiny Roseau, Minnesota. With World War II raging and metal scarce, their skill at repairing farm machinery quickly earned them loyal customers.

But it was their tinkering with a better way to get to remote hunting shacks in deep snow that earned them a place in history: Our co-founders developed an early snowmobile in 1955. To prove the new vehicles weren’t just frivolous toys, Edgar and three friends embarked on a 1,200-mile journey across the Alaskan wilderness to demonstrate the vehicle’s durability. They lugged 900 pounds of provisions on toboggans and endured minus-40 degree temperatures to complete the journey in 12 days.

Their determination paid off. The machines became so popular that Polaris began manufacturing snowmobiles exclusively, which we did for many years before launching into additional product lines that leveraged our strengths in product development, powertrain, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

Since adding All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) in 1984, we’ve grown to become a global Powersports leader, providing some of the best-selling brands in the industry, including RANGER® utility vehicles, RZR® recreational side-by-sides, Victory Motorcycles®, Indian Motorcycle® and GEM® electric vehicles. More recently we expanded our offerings to include commercial vehicles, military vehicles and the revolutionary Slingshot® 3-wheel moto-roadster. We also provide a large selection of related parts, garments and accessories for all our brands.



Our values were defined by our employees and serve as a benchmark for every employee performance review. At Polaris, we strive to be:

  • Team Players
  • Innovative
  • Committed to Employee Development
  • Customer Focused
  • Known for our Integrity
  • Passionate About Excellence
  • Problem Solvers
  • Leaders


Founded: 1954


  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
  • Side-by-Side Vehicles (SxS)
  • Snowmobiles/Snow Bikes
  • Mid-Size and Heavyweight Motorcycles
  • Moto-Roadsters
  • Commercial Utility Vehicles (UTV)
  • Light-Duty Haulers
  • People Movers
  • Personal Quadricycles
  • Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicles
  • Parts, Garments and Accessories (PG&A)
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Employees: ~8,100

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Countries Served: 100+

Headquarters: Medina, Minnesota

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2015 Sales: $4.7 billion

NYSE Symbol: PII

Businesses: For purposes of shareholder reporting, we’re organized into three businesses:

  • Off-Road Vehicles (ORV) and Snowmobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Global Adjacent Markets
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